African-American clients love to visit the
spa for face and body services, but be-
sides buying the occasional lipstick, the
thought of getting their cosmetic needs
fulfilled at a spa typically never crosses
their minds. Most clients go to depart-
ment or drug stores for their makeup
supplies, feeling these stores provide a
better selection or a more knowledgeable
beauty advisor. Many African-Americans
even will forego makeup completely and
take on the motto, “No makeup is better
than making makeup mistakes.” Makeup
for the African-American client is an un-
tapped market throughout the industry.
Increase your spa appeal by taking time to
capitalize on the African-American market

Laying the foundation
Many African-American clients have
difficulty finding the right foundation
color. Even though the problem rings
true with a variety of clients, it is more
prominent for African-Americans because
makeup tends to match the shade of the
skin rather than the undertones. When
choosing a foundation, the best method
to pick the correct shade is to place com-
parison strips of foundation along the
jaw line.  Unfortunately, many African
Americans have a problem with hyper-
pigmentation that shows up along the jaw
line and occasionally on the neck, which
give the illusion of different skin tone
than the client truly has.  The problem
especially is noticeable during the sum-
mer months, when the skin is exposed to
increased sunlight.  To find a truer color,
look at the center of the face and compare
to the color of the rest of the body when
picking foundation color.  Unless using a
custom-blend makeup line, two shades
of makeup are needed to give the correct
and most natural look of foundation
applied to the skin.

When picking foundation, the best method
to pick the correct shade is to place
comparison strips of foundation along the
jaw line.