In 2006 I drove 7 hours to take Candace Corey's makeup workshop and it was the
best decision I ever made. I highly recommend taking her workshop because of her
easy to follow teaching style.Still to date it is one of the most well rounded
workshops that I have ever taken.

In just a few days she covers the basics,how to do makeup for every different
medium, and also teaches you how to run your business. But the best part about
Candace's workshop is that the learning does not stop there. Once you take a
class from Candace its like you have your own personal coach helping you every
step of the way.  You are able to assist Candace on real jobs. Where you are not
just washing brushes and getting coffee, you actually get to work and find out what
is expected from you on set.

The first time I saw my name and work published in a magazine was from assisting
Candace. I can also say the same for my first TV show and ad campaign. I can
truly say that by taking Candace's workshop and assisting her it really helped me
fast track my career. I was signed to my first agent within 2 years of doing makeup.
I was head of the makeup dept  for my first feature film within 4 years. I am
currently a full time makeup artist who consistently works on various TV shows,
commercials, magazines and music videos.

Sherita Leslie 2006 Workshop www.sheritaleslie.com
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Makeup created by Sherita Leslie
of the 2006 Workshop
The workshop was hands down the best thing that I did for myself as a
makeup artist. Before taking her class I had been doing makeup for a few
years without any formal training. I stumbled upon her class on the
internet, picked up the phone to call her and well the rest is history.

Once in her class I was exposed to the real things that makeup artist deal
with and have to do to succeed. There I learned that I could really have
the possibility of doing things like celebrities, tv, film etc. All the things
that I dreamed of. While I did love the learning how to do photoshoots,
etc, the biggest thing that I took away from her class was the ability to be
a phenomenal business woman.

Candace allowed me to come and assist her a few times and each time I
learned even more. The most rewarding was being able to go to Vegas
with her to do my first television show. Candace's unselfish approach and
allowing us as artist to have an open forum helped to shape me into not
only an amazing makeup artist but an artist that will last a long time in this
industry because I know how to handle business.

I've grown so much since then and have built my own brand and team.
I've been blessed to work with numerous celebrities including, Nelly,
Robert Flack, Taj (SWV), Robin Givens, Kim Coles, Brandon T Jackson,
and Kelis to name a few.

Candace is one of my life mentors in this industry and I am grateful for
her openess and willingness to share all that she knows. It has helped to
shape me into a great leader as well.

Rashida Williams 2005 Workshop www.theglamdoctor.com
In her workshop, Candace provides real, hands-on techniques that are
applicable to the real world.  She brings her knowledge, passion, and
enthusiasm about the world of make-up to the class as she
demonstrates what it takes to become a successful Make-Up Artist.  In
addition to providing valuable information and tips on make-up, she
also dedicates a portion of her class to the business side, discussing a
range of topics from job pricing to submitting contact information for

Candace also allows her students to put their training to use by
assisting her on the job.  When she has openings, students are able to
assist her in a variety of jobs including commercials, public
demonstrations, and fashion shows.  It is a great way to round-out the
education provided in the workshop.

It helped me be successful in my career as a Make-Up Artist.  I have
been able to assist her on several on-site jobs, including the PSW
event Orlando (2011), working with the USA Women's' Gymnastics
Team in 2012, and a benefit fashion show for the Hamdard Center in
2012.  Because of the knowledge and skills I learned from Candace's
workshop, I have been able to work on projects such as the RAWArtists
(Semi-Finalist MUA of the Year 2012), commercials, TV series for the
Travel Channel and HGTV, and an educational TV series in the KC

Latricia Schnepf 2010 Workshop  www.latricaschnepf.com

It was one of the best investments I made in my career. At the time I took the
class, I was just starting to get into makeup so I was a little intimidated when I
took the class as there were students that were more experienced than I was
at the time. I still remember Candace sitting me down on the steps at the end
of the class and she basically told me that I have the talent and the skills but I
have to believe it for myself. Those words of encouragement really motivated
me alot.

After taking Candace's Makeup Workshop, I have had countless
opportunities.  I have had opportunities to assist her on a reality TV show
(Best of the Best) in Las Vegas, Fashion Shows, working with celebrity
clientele such as NBA player Dwayne Wade and Kevin Garnett, editorial and
a host of other things.  

As a result of taking her class and assisting her on various assignments, I
have been able to grow my skills and techniques, and learn the do's and
don'ts in this industry that will help my career advance and it has.  I started
my own business, Kelli Kolors, and I am a full time makeup artist as of March
of 2007. I have provided makeup services for R & B Singer, Ledisi, for her
music video "Alright", Gospel Legend, Vicki Winans, Actress Terri J. Vaughn
of the Steve Harvey show, Actor Tommy Ford of the hit series Martin and a
host of others.    

I am so grateful to Candace for still being available even now, to answer
questions or give advice if needed.....it doesn't stop at the class with her.

Kelli James 2006 Workshop www.kellikolors.com
Latricia Schnept and 2 other workshop students assisting
Candace Corey at the Women's Olympic Gymnastic Trails
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Makeup created by Debbie
Messenger at 2006 Workshop
Makeup created by Rashida Williams
at 2005 Workshop
Makeup created by Kelli James
www.kellikolors.com at 2006 Workshop
Candace's workshop was a great experience. Upon walking away from it I felt
so much more prepared for the unexpected things that can happen. There
was one point in particular in the workshop that we did challenges. My
challenge was that I had flown to a shoot, the airline lost my kit and I had to
be on set ASAP. All I had with me was foundation and mascara and I needed
to create a look with only those items. It may seem like a small thing (and I am
blessed that I have never had that actually happen to me) but it really made
me think about things in a different way. I felt more confident in the unknown.

It was also through Candace that I was introduced to my agent and even
though I do not live in a major market I have been working steadily for many
years. No matter where you live there is work there and if you don't have the
start to a portfolio then this is a great opportunity to begin. She is a talented
makeup artist that is also a wonderful mentor. She cares personally about the
students and continues to take an interest and offer help as you begin or
continue your career. She is always there if you have a question or need
advice. You don't find that any many places.

Kelly Keck 2006 Workshop  www.kelliekeck.com
Makeup created by Kellie Keck
at 2006 Workshop

CANDACE COREY            Makeup Artist - Hair - Bodypaint - Airbrush