These are some of the day to day events that happen to me as a professional makeup artist.

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Sunday, September 05, 2010

This month I headed to Vegas to work with the Westcott Company for the Photoshop World Convention. When they first talked to me about doing makeup and hair for the event I was working with them on their current catalog of an ice princess. I thought working on the cover was fun, but creating looks for the convention was even more exciting and creative!

The event was 3 days, and each day consisted of 4 mini sets that attendees could do photo shoots on. Each set had a different model with a theme and scene. We did a western girl, a bridal look, and Steampunk.

They even brought in amazing props like a vintage tub and period style furniture for the 50's pinup look, and even a cool red motor cycle for the Catwoman and James Bond themed shots.

One of my favorite looks was the Queen of Hearts. I started the by rubbing white Kryolan pancake makeup all over the model to make her tan skin as pale as possible. Then I added a big red heart with the Make Up Forever Aqua cream over her left eye, and brushed some of the color on her lashes to blend in.

I especially enjoyed creating that look because I had to make lashes with tiny hearts on the tips of the tops and bottom lashes. It was hard to do and time consuming but I think it gave the look the added detail that was uniquely odd, just like in the Alice and Wonderland movie.

My other favorite look was the marionette. I really enjoyed doing this look because all of the other looks were planned weeks in advance but this one was created on the last day without any real planning but it still made a major impact for the show.

I had my assistant, Jackie Chavira, run to the store and get some ballerina slippers and a few other things while I did some finishing touches on the models face to give her a doll like quality. I drew liner lower then her regular eyelashes to make her eyes appear larger, then applied some lower and upper lashes for enhancement. To finish the look I used Make Up Forever Aqua Cream in red on her lips then outlined it in black. Even though she was the last model to go on the show room floor, there was a crowd of photographers waiting in anticipation to shoot her once the word got out that the 'finale' look was coming.

At the end of the week, my back and legs ached, and I had severe jet lag but I would have done it all again just to enjoy the creative excitement that I got knowing that everyone was happy with the looks that I created for the show....especially Westcott!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "Best products & routine to take care of your face - does it include toner, stuff for eyes/mouth area, moisturizer, etc. What all do you need to do?"- from Christine Lee in Florida.

Answer: The total basics for a skin care routine would be a cleanser and a moisturizer for face and one for your eyes. Toners can be optional. They are designed to put skin back at the correct PH after cleansing and to remove any excess dirt that the cleanser missed. Kind of like a rinse cycle for your skin. So depending on the cleanser you are using, you may not need one.

When selecting a cleanser for your face choose one that won't totally strip it of all it's natural oils, even if you have oily skin. You want one that only removes dirt and excess oil. If the cleanser is too harsh it will make skin feel tight and dehydrated which can kick in your oil glands, which can be a problem if you already have oily skin.

If you wear makeup, be sure to start with a makeup remover. Most facial cleansers are not designed to break down the complex makeup formulas that we use today, especially if the cosmetics are designed to be long lasting. Great add ons that I would highly recommend for your skin would include serums, night creams and scrubs.

Serums are like vitamins for your skin because they give added boosts of nutrients like vitamin A & E, gloucosamine and nano peptides, to give your skin better resilience especially during times when skin looks stressed and worn down. Your body heals itself during your sleep so night creams are specifically designed to use that time help combat anti-aging and lack of hydration to skin. Scrubs are the best way to remove blocked pores like black heads and dry patches so your skin looks smooth and refined.

If you aren't sure what you want to try first, go with a skin care set like Clarins Multi Active Starter Kit that contains a gentle exfoliating cleanser and two moisturizers in smaller sizes so you can see what you like before you commit to the regular sized products.


My favorite thing this month is Blot Out Offensive Shine + Oil Control cream by Nurturing Force. It hydrates skin, gets rid of shine, blocks oil (especially great if you are extremely oily) and slows degradation of makeup.

I use this a lot when I'm working in hot sticky weather, where oil and sweat can break down the makeup. Great stuff!

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