These are some of the day to day events that happen to me as a professional makeup artist.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

This month has been quite busy with traveling. I went to North Carollina, Ohio and Seattle to do makeup for E! THS Investigations with TV host Laura Ling. Laura investigated 2 interesting stories. One was about "Teen Depression and Suicide". The second story was about "Military Wives" and what they have been going through.

I was quite moved by the stories, and was in awh with the compassion Laura had while she interviewed people. Each individual story enlightened you on the personal blessings that you may be having right now but may take for granted because of seeing the things that these people had undergone. It was amazing to also see how some of them learned to move past the negatives in their lives to push forward to a better tomorrow. Even if that meant to just get through one day, at a time.

It has made me appreciate the blessings and benefits that I have had and to also not give up on any negative things that go on in my life as well.

The show will air on the E! channel on December 15, 2010. View a clip of the show by clicking onto this LINK if it is after December 15, 2010 .

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "Can you recommend a good air-brush makeup applicator for the everyday consumer to use?"- from Cheryl in Pennsylvania.

Answer: Airbrush has been a Hollywood secret for makeup artists for years, but now Temptu has a consumer friendly AIRbrush Makeup System that you can get at Sephora that is great to use. Since a professional airbrush makeup system can be rather tricky to clean, it's great that there is an easy one the people can use everyday to look flawless and natural just like the celebrities. I not only use it on my makeup artist jobs but I also use it on myself as well.


My favorite thing right now is LIFE. After seeing up close what other people have gone through the only thing I can say is that I appreciate what I've had and the family and friends who have been with me through out my life. I'm very thankful!

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