If you’re guests have a baby, don’t assume the parent has everything they need.
Sometimes moms and dads forget things for their little ones too.

It can be helpful to have on hand baby friendly personable care like  
Baby Dove’s Rich Moisture. It’s a collection of hypoallergenic products that are
specifically developed for delicate babies skin that are normal to dry.

Include a sheet of paper with a list of addresses like the nearest grocery store, kid
friendly parks and hospital all in the same basket. If they need to do a last
minute run, they won’t need to wake you for the info.

Add flowers like real roses from
Venus et Fluer  as a final touch of elegance to
brighten the room. The flowers last all year long and require no maintenance but smell and look decadent.
Traveling can be hectic and tiring. I'm constantly on the road, so
I've learned a few tips and tricks along the way.

Traveling with children can be difficult, but when you have a baby it can be an added challenge.
You can’t just grab a bottle and a few cute outfits, as a parent of 3 I know that planning is key!

Don't just think about the trip, you need to also consider the destination.
Little legs are fast, and babies can be curious about their new surroundings.
To prevent them from exploring into off-limit areas at your
visiting location, buy your little one some new toys to keep their minds and
hands distracted with things that are safe for them to touch and put in their mouth.

Burlington stores have a huge selection of everything you'll need for babies, like diaper bags
with built in portable changing pads, and even a travel system that is a stroller/car seat combo.
The biggest thing that I like about Burlington is that their items are
all at up to 65% off of other retailer’s prices every day. So you can get an array of items
you need and still have money left to visit a few museums and landmarks on your vacation.

Just be sure not to forget items like outlet covers and cabinet closures
to baby-proof the place as well.    

If your going to be stuck away in a plane or car for hours try to avoid
wearing clothes that are binding and too tight.
Not only is it bad for circulation, but it'll just
make you miserable and cranky during your trip.

Comfortable clothes don't have to mean ugly.
JCPenney has very
stylish and affordable options that won't put you in a bind
during your travels. Try pants from Liz Claiborne that have a bit of stretch in the fabric.
Couple it with a cute knit like a
bubble sleeved sweater by ANA. Since temperatures can be up and down,
finish the look with removable layers.
faux leather Worthington jacket or Peyton & Parker cardigan will be
the perfect way to stay warm
and chic so you don't freeze to death if your flight is too cold.

For jewerly go with layers as well. Try a few chains
and pendants from Liz Claiborne or Arizona. Simple but stylish!

Traveling from climate to climate can parch skin. If you like to take a long bath or shower to
wind down, resist the urge to use water that’s very hot.
It can dehydrate you even more. Instead use warm water.
Dry skin also effects your fragrance. Check out my tips on that!

Be sure not to forget your moisturizer.  Choose a body lotion like the
Curél Hydra Therapy Itch Defense
Wet Skin Moisturizer, to hydrate without leaving skin feeling sticky or greasy.
The formula is designed to be activated by
the water on freshly cleansed skin so keep a bottle on the tub for easy access.

Curly girls know that dry hair can be fragile and cause breakage. Be sure
to bring along hair care that will pamper and enlongate your curls.
Cantu Winter Curl + Condition Holiday Set has a shampoo
and conditioner that will hydrate tresses but also help prevent
breakage. The bonus size jar of curl cream will help coils
stay long because we know shrinkage can become a

When your hosting friends or family from out-of-town be hospitable.
Have a welcome basket and place it on their bed so they can find
it the moment they enter the room. Fill it with needed elements and forgotten toiletries.

Start with towels and wash clothes so they won’t have to dig around
closets to find them. Everyone forgets deodorant,that's
why hotels have plenty of them.
Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant will
provide 48 hours of wetness and
odor protection. The Rejuvenate scent has
notes of pear, rose and jasmine which will be light and fresh.
These are some of the day to day events that happen to me as a professional makeup artist.

CANDACE COREY            Makeup Artist - Hair - Bodypaint - Airbrush
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