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Sunday, May 16, 2010

I get to do all types of projects but one of my favorite things to do is fashion shows because of the time I get to create, and the energy that goes on. One of the most interesting fashion shows that I get to do is the Asian Bridal Fashion Show.

I love the detail on the clothing. Everything is hand beaded, in rich vibrant colors. From head pieces to sarongs, to shoes. No detail was left out. The men looked like kings and the women looked like queens.

Another thing I love is the exotic look I get to create on the eyes. This time I used Clinique products to create a dramatic smokey eye in shades of chocolate, bronze, copper and finished it with a pitch black gel liner on the inner rim and lash line of the eye. Lips and cheeks were kept soft by using a nude beige.

For the hair, it was teased at the top of the head and pinned to give height, then the back of the hair was left hanging with a cascade of soft curls. To keep the hair in place, I used Big Sexy Hair Volumizing hairspray. This was the perfect style for all of the beaded hair ornaments that was worn during the show.

All of the models including the guys were airbrushed so their skin looked tan from the sun! See why I enjoy fashion shows so much! (click onto the images to get a closer look)

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "How did you make the lip to be so glossy,and how did you get the eyes easily shaped."- from Timilehin in Lagos State.

I start with a high shine gloss like Wet N' Wild Glassy Gloss for impact. It creates a shine like glass, but the formula is thick so it won't easily slide off the face. After I apply my choice of lipcolor, I PAT on a small amount of gloss with my fingers so I don't over apply the product. This creates the look that I want but makes as long as possible.

My ability to shape eyes is from years of experience, but my biggest tips is to layer your colors. This helps product to blend better more seamlessly!

Now it is time for.....


My favorite thing this month is Swiss Gear luggage. I am always traveling from one East coast to West coast, so I love using this because it is durable and has a 10 year warranty. My favorite color?!...just like a lovely shade of lipstick of course!

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