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Friday, May 09, 2008

Usually when the weather is warmer that makes everyone happy. The sun is shining and you wear brighter more vibrant clothes. For others this is not a time to smile because this is the beginning of allergy season for them.

You get puffy eyes, a red face and a lot of congestion. You look and feel TERRIBLE. How can you still LOOK good even though you are feeling bad during allergy season? Well...that was the main subject that I addressed on the Good Company show.

You can see my tips by clicking onto the video screen talked about beauty products that can take the redness out!....and I don't mean Visine! I also talked about how to keep your skin from looking puffy and simple ways to prevent additional allergic reactions.

Instead of just taunting you with a few details why don't you click onto the video screen and see for yourself! You might find a few useful tips that can help you look great between sneezes.

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "I've heard eye bases are excellent for eyeshadow to stay on all day. I use foundation on my eyelids and its stays on somewhat. I've tried some but I do not like them like Urban decay the eyeshadow looks cakey. Some people say to use MAC paint or a stick shader as a base. What is a good everyday base that doesn't look cakey"- from Ana in California.

Answer: Eye base can not only make shadow last longer, but they can also keep color from creasing and and fading.

Elizabeth Arden Eye Fix is a great one to try because it is feather light, and can work on any skin tone because it dries completely clear. It also makes shadows, liners and powders glide on more smoothly for a better application.

If you have a lot of natural color to your lid and you need an even tone to the skin try topping the base with a touch of concealer instead of foundation. Since concealers have more pigment than foundation, you will use less product which will prevent a cakey look.

Beauty question: "Is there a way to prevent those pimples that can pop up during a woman's menstrual cycle? Also, when they do come what would you suggest to use as a concealer or cover up when wearing makeup?" from Nina in Tennessee.

Answer: Pimples that occur during your menstrual cycle are from your hormones, so there aren't any over the counter products that can prevent them from occurring but you can use a triple antibiotic to speed healing and take out some of the swelling.

To hide it, use a concealer that is a little darker than the pimple. The raised area of the pimple usually appears lighter, so use a concealer that is a little darker then the skin to make the swollen area appear more flat like the rest of your skin.

A great concealer to try is Lancome Effacernes because it doesn't look cakey on the skin and it is also waterproof.

Beauty question: " I enjoyed your lecture at the ABS show, and felt as though your class was very informative. I just wish there was time to see you put eyeliner on, I always find it hard sometimes to apply that."- from Brooke in Illinois.

Answer: Thank you for attending my lecture on makeup application at the America's Beauty Show. I had a great time teaching.

I agree that eyeliner can be tricky sometimes, especially if you are applying liquid eyeliner. The easiest way to put on eyeliner is to NOT go all the way across the eye in one movement. When you draw all the way across, the skin moves and it is hard to draw a straight line....and a thin line. One side is thin and perfect and the other know that it just looks a total mess!

Instead, start from each corner end and stop in the center of the eye. So you would be the right corner of the eye and stopping in the center, and then the left corner of the same eye and stopping in the center.

By doing this you will find that the skin doesn't move, so it makes lining much much easier especially. It also makes it easier to make both eyes match as well.

One of my favorite eyeliners is Prestige Waterproof liner, because it glides on smoothly without skipping, and it's easy to smudge. Then it sets and becomes waterproof. So you don't get liner running down your face through out the day.

Do you have a beauty question? Great!.....then ask me! I'll get you an answer!


My favorite thing this month is surprisingly NOT makeup. Can you believe it? It's a fragrance. I tried the Tom Ford Black Orchid Voile De Fleur, which means "veil of flowers" by the way, and loved it. I guess the last thing I should be talking about is a fragrance this month since allergy prone people are more sensitive to scents at this time but I can't help it.

I normally don't like floral scents but I love how the scent it sexy and sophisticated and...surprisingly....floral! Beautiful scent especially for the Spring.

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