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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Brides Noir magazine wanted to show off some of their favorite brides maids and prom dresses for the Spring/Summer 2007 issue, so the perfect person for the "To Love & To Cherish" fashion spread was actually 3 persons.....three of members from the singing group Cherish from Capital records.

We started the morning at about 10 am. as Fallon, Neosha, and Felisha came strolling in the building looking cool in their large sunglasses, t-shirts and jeans....all designer of course! We listened to music from Aaliyah, Janet Jackson and Usher while I did their makeup and hair.

I asked the usual nosey questions like "did you always want to sing ever since you were little?" and "how is the sweet one, who is the bosey one, and who is the mother hen of the group" know!....stuff that you would ask too! We had so much fun laughing and talking that the editor-in-chief had to scold me for doing more socializing then styling so I had to get my butt in gear to hurry up and finish. LOL!!

After a light spray of airbrush makeup on their skin (BTW....their skin is GORGEOUS so I didn't need much of anything!), I used La Prairie cosmetics to give their eyes polish with a cream based eye shadow and finished the look with pinkish blush and lip gloss to keep the skin fresh and soft. They wore gowns in color ranges of chocolate, green, off black and orange. I would tell you more, but I want to give you something to look forward to when you look in the issue too.

Well.....I guess I can tell you a little more.....not about Cherish but about the beauty spread in the same issue. The "Total Package" beauty spread will show you the perfect way to incorporate the trendy Spring colors into classic looks for your wedding! Ok...ok...that's enough! I've told you too much already. You can get your own copy to see for yourself. LOL!!!!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "And how do you get rid of the small black heads that appear on your face?, because Biore strips do not work"- from Tierra in Illinois .

Answer: Try giving yourself a full facial. Start by cleaning off all traces of makeup. Since makeup formulas can be rather complex and some facial cleansers are only designed to correct skin problems, use a makeup remover. Then cleanse your skin with a facial wash that is suitable for your skin type.
Next steam face for about 5 minutes to loosen additional dirt and oil in your pores, by holding face over a facial steamer or a large bowl full of steaming water. Immediately afterward use a facial scrub, making sure to rub it in small circular motions, to gently unblock pores. Follow scrub with a face mask to absorb additional dirt and oil that are set more deep within pores. Lancome Pure Focus Exfoliator with micro beads that won't scratch skin, and Pure Focus Mask is self heating with salicylic acid to unclog pores.

Finish the facial by rinsing skin with warm water, using a toner and water-based moisturizer to hydrate. Over time regular facials will remove built up blackheads and keep them from reoccuring.

Beauty question: "I have big bright eyes,how can I apply eyeliner without them looking extremely big." from Geline in New Jersey .

Answer: Big bight eyes are stunning, and lining them can enhance them even more. Start with a wash of color from your lashes to your crease. Try a powder eyeshadow in a shade of brown that is 2 times darker than your complexion. Then use a wet makeup brush (preferably thin and flat) and mix up the same color to create an eyeliner. Then line upper lid close to the lashes. While the shadow is still damp, use your finger to smudge the liner. This will create what I like to call a "sunset" effect. Where it is darker close to the lashes and fades to a lighter shade up the eye. You get the definition that you want without making it "too much" for your liking! Jane iredale cosmetics has a great Daytime Eye shadow kit that you would love! Sexy!

Beauty question: "Is eyeshadow primer always suposed to be used with eyeshadow or is it ok to go without "- from Derek in Chicago.

Answer: Eyeshadow primer is designed to help keep eyeshadows from creasing and sometimes to help even out skin tone so the color of the eye shadow shows up better on the skin. You can use foundation as a primer or you can use products that a specifically designed to be primers. One of my favorite primers is Elizabeth Arden Eye-Fix Primer. It is clear so it is great for all skin tones.

Thanks for your beauty questions! .....wanna get more answers? then ask me more questions so I can keep you informed!


I'm really enjoying Face Atelier's Face Finish! It prevents makeup from fading though out the day and also hydrates the skin. This alcohol free pick-me-up is also a great boost for your skin when you need moisture while in the office because you can use it right over your makeup!

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