These are some of the day to day events that happen to me as a professional makeup artist.

Friday, March 19, 2010

I am always doing makeup for all kinds of things like editorial spreads, catalogs and commercials. This month I got a chance to do makeup for the FMI event in Florida.

I did various makeovers on the attendees but the highlight of the event was my time working with Tim Gunn of "Project Runway". "Project Runway" is a TV show that takes some of the best up-in-coming fashion designers and gives them a chance to win their 'dream come true', to show their collections down the runways of New York Fashion Week and to have the start up money and press needed to create their own lable. As a makeup artist, fashion and beauty go hand in hand, so I was estatic to be able to work with the guy that helps mold the new fashion designers into the next fashion gurus of the future.

The moment Tim walked into the room he was immediately surrounded by everyone so they could meet him and take his picture. I didn't want to be trampled so I quickly shuffled out of the way and began cleaning my makeup brushes to get ready to do the makeup for the video segment of the program. While cleaning my last brush I heard a voice over my shoulder say "And what is your name?" To my surprise it was Tim! Stunned that he even noticed that we weren't introduced yet, I turned and replied, "Hi Tim, I'm Candace Corey." "So nice to meet you" he replied with a smile. After a few moments of skin care recommendations that I would suggest for his skin type, I was able to give him various bottles of Olay ProX cleanser and moisturizers to keep his skin looking great in the hot Florida sun.

Next we were then hurried off to start working on the video for the event dinner. I did a quick once over on Tim to see that he was ready, and then I did a few finishing touches on the CEO of P&G so they could start shooting. Not only did I get a chance to do makeup, but I also got to be ON the video with Tim as well! What a treat! Tim was so funny he had us all laughing between each take and during the event fashion show! On the Project Runway TV show Tim is so sophisticated and posh, he seems almost untouchable unless you are 'the elite', but he is actually very approachable and sweet. Loved working with him and everyone at the event!

I was tired at the end of the day but I had a great time!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "I have hazel eyes and find it difficult to find eyeshadows that look good with my eye color. Anytime I apply eyeshadow, I immediately rub it off because I feel like I look better naturally. Any suggestions for a good color for hazel eyes?"- from Ashley in Ohio.

Answer: Covergirl Exact Eyeshadow takes all of the guess work out of chosing the colors because they do it for you in one set.

My favorite thing this month is Black Opal's Fade and Conceal concealer.

I like how it totally hides my dark under eye circles with the correct undertone since I get hyperpigmentation from rubbing my eyes too much from allergies and lack of sleep.

It also corrects the discoloration by fading it to my regular skin tone. So it hides my flaws until it is finished correcting them. LOVE THAT!...RIGHT!

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