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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Skin Inc. magazine is one of the top beauty industry publications that keep salon and spa professionals up to date for the latest and greatest beauty tips and tools. This month's issue showed the pros how to translate the latest Spring runway makeup into every day wearable looks.

The story entitled, "Spring Is In The Air" included looks that I created for the spread, and the step by step applications as well. I used Blue, teal, green and pink to spotlight the new bright looks of Spring, with added touches of bronze and white to compliment all skin tones.

If you click onto the picture you can catch a glimpse of one of the looks. To see more images and the how-to tips, grab a copy so you can bring in Spring!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "I love the way my hair looks when I get out of the shower, compared to what it looks like when it is dry. How can I keep that "wet look" all day long?"- from Shyla in Ohio.

Answer: Great curls start with proper cleansing techniques. Since curly hair tends to be more dry then straight hair, avoid washing hair every day. Shampooing hair too often can cause hair to become more brittle and frizzy. Focus the cleanser at the scalp by massaging with your finger tips and do not pile hair on top of head while washing to avoid creating tangles. If you need to comb out tangles, do so before you begin washing it for best results.

Keep hair hydrated by using a deep conditioner twice a month and a leave in conditioner daily especially before you use styling products. Keep curls in tack by gently squeezing the conditioner onto hair in sections and avoid rubbing, combing or brush curls which can pull hair out of shape.

After rinsing hair, dry hair by sandwiching it between two towels to pat out the excess water. If you need to use a dryer make sure to use a defuser and apply styling products like pHormulate 4c Control Mouse to give make curls hold it's shape. Top hair with PHormulate 4a Anti Frizz Shine Gel to keep it glossy without getting frizzy so your hair will look great all day!

Beauty question: "I am a caucasian women in my mid-40's and do wear sunscreen year round but have noticed a few sunspots on the side of my face. Do fade creams work and what would you suggest I use or do to keep my skin tone even?" from Suanne in Illinois.

Answer: Yes they fade creams really work. The active ingredient is usually Hydroquinone. Try using DDF-Doctor's Dermatologic Formula Fade Gel 4 that also has salicylic acid to brighten dark and smooth out texture of skin.

Once your discoloration has been corrected maintain an even tone by only using it on uneven areas instead of the whole face, and wear sunscreen daily.

Beauty question: "I've been thinking about coloring my hair "red..." I've never been a red head so I'm not sure what ALL colors of eye shadows work. I have fair skin, brown eyes, and brown toned freckles on my face."- from Christina in NE .

Answer: Corals look good on everyone but especially red heads because it compliments the hair color really well. Since that is one of the season's Spring colors it should be easy to find a variety of tones to choose from. Eye liners are very big this Spring and can add drama without looking overly done. Try using purple on your eyes to make them stand out like the Sephora Liner Electro - Glitter Eye Pencil in Mauve Electro.

Next month will be more beauty answers so keep sending me those questions!


When I usually pick my favorite thing it is either a makeup, skin or hair item but this time it is for your nails. When I attended the ABS show I notices these wonderful shades of nail polish called Orly. The creamy soft look made me want to slow down and take some to me off to pamper myself. So I gave myself a manicure and LOVED how they made my nails look.

My favorite shade was "Dream Boat". My nails looked great and the color didn't chip off so I guess the title is perfect!

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