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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It's June and weddings are popping up left and right so this is the perfect time to show you the Brides Noir fashion show. I love doing fashion shows because of the ongoing excitement and of course the clothes!

We started early mid-morning because the show was in the early evening. Models were everywhere! I designed an understated smokey eyes for the show that looked sexy without overpowering for a wedding. We used a deep mocha eyeshadow with a touch of black to enhance the eyes while complimenting the skin.

By the time the show started everyone was sultry and sophisticated....want to see what happened? is a front seat!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "I get dry patches on my skin. I use a toner, exfoliator and moisturizer. I also use a mask about once a week. I've tried different moisturizers, but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions for these 'patches'? "- from Jen in Wisconsin .

Answer: If the exfoliators and toners are not helping, then you might be doing too much to try to scrub your dry skin away. Instead use a hydration masks and change your moisturizer to a formula for extra dry skin. Try Cosmedicine Hydra Healer Maximum Strength Moisture Cream for more hydration. It has vitamin E to heal skin and vitamin C to boost skin's resistance.

Before investing more money into new products, ask for samples or get trail sizes of the products you want to try first. When you find the right one, then you can purchase the full size.

If that still doesn't seem to help, then it might be more than just "dry patches". You might have a mild case of eczema. Go to a dermatologist and let them get your skin the help that it needs.

Beauty question: "I am an Afro-Carribean with slightly oily skin/blemishes and hyperpigmentation. I am in the market for a good moisturizer, sunscreen (can be worn under make-up) for my face and body now that summer is here. There are alot of products in the market today, but some people believe that people of color do not need alot of the ingredients in these products and that often times they just clog our pores. What's your take on this?" from Tanya in Connecticut .

Answer: No matter what your complexion may be the sun can still do damage to it. It can even increase the look of your hyperpigmentation, so protect yourself.

If you have a very busy schedule like me then using products that multi-task, like a moisturizer, with a SPF 15 sunscreen and the ability to make your skin tone look even also, is a must, so suggest the Olay Definity Deep Penetrating Foaming UV Moisturizer.

I must admit....when I first used it I got it all over myself because the foam was so light and fluffy, but when I got the hang of it, it was great and you will like it too. It is so light weight you won't believe it! It feels like you are putting water on your skin. Oh.....did I mention that it also has anti-aging ingredients in it too?! For faster results to even out your skin tone use the cleanser too.

Beauty question: "How do you keep makeup from rubbing off onto your clothes for very oily skin?"- from Josephine in Illinois.

Answer: When the weather gets warmer, oily skin kicks into high gear so help keep your makeup ON your face by updating your skin care and makep products each season.

If you used cream foundation in the winter, then use liquid foundation in the spring and summer after your prep your skin with a makeup primer.

If your skin tone is fairly even, try using only concealer (in your skin shade instead of lighter than your skin tone) in the areas that you need correcting and skip foundation all together until Fall comes back around.

For color use powders and liquid stains for longer lasting results. Finish your look with a final seal, like Makeup For Ever Mist & Fix to prolong your makeup even under harsh conditions.

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My favorite is product this month is Sugar lip gloss. If you want to visit their web site click onto the image.
I really love this lip gloss not for the usualy reasons, the way it goes on and looks but mostly because men love how it smells and tastes! When I have an opportunity to do makeup on a bride I use it all the time. The bride loves it because she looks good but the groom loves it because she tastes good too! I guess that is why it's called....well....Sugar!
Ok I'm outta here! See ya next month!
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