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Monday, July 05, 2010

These past couple of months I was able to work with The Limited. The look they wanted was a fresh "out of college" look that shows that she is ready to take on the world in a stylish way.

To create that look I started with airbrush makeup to make skin look flawless then gave cheeks a pop of color with soft pink and highlighted the skin with gold shimmer.

Some of the makeup used was by Urban Decay and Estee Lauder. Eye color consisted of bronzes, chocolate brown, pink, lavendar or white shimmer to give definition without looking too made up. Lips were only a gloss.

Hair was kept flowing with a touch of wave by using a clipless curling iron, or by just winding hair around the barrel of a regular curling iron and then pulling it as it cooled down so waves stayed loose and natural.

After long days of shooting the creative director, wardrobe stylist and me hopped on set with the model to show our enthusiasm! Gotta make time for a little bit of play!

Not only did I get a chance to do makeup and some of the hair for the online catalogue but I also had the opportunity to do makeup for some of the toured fashion shows.

One of the biggest perks for doing makeup for the fashion show was to do makeup on the New York designer Jodi Arnold. Jodi has been popular for her "no fuss" chic style and has a boutique that inspired a collection specifically for the Limited brand.

The next time you are in The Limited, you just might be looking at some of my work!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "I get red on my cheeks in the summer and would like to tone it down, but make it last all day. What can I do?"- from Wanita in Florida.

You can use a yellow based concealer like Covergirl Simply Ageless Corrector concealer, before your foundation. It will help tone down your red, and it will last without making skin look pastey.

Just be sure to hydrate skin first, pat a small amount of concealer on first then follow it with patting your foundation on TOP of the concealer and finish with face powder. If you decide to use a blush, go with peach or a golden bronzer or you will fill like you are adding the red back to your face again.

Let's talk about....


My favorite thing this month is the Nars Kabuki brush collection. I got a chance to try them and love how soft they are and their ability to blend very easily.

I love makeup brushes!

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