These are some of the day to day events that happen to me as a professional makeup artist.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

July isn't really Breast Cancer month, but I was still able to get involved with a great fashion show called "Pink Perfection" to help raise money against breast cancer.

Me and my team of assistants Kim D., Jana, Deidra and Kim used Repechage and Sugar cosmetics to create the looks. The eyes were in a beautiful deep purple with black liner and a beautiful bright pink lip in honor of breast cancer awareness.

The designs were a mix of gowns and evening wear by a variety of designers including the famous twin Double Stitch. The show started with pink sleek elegant gowns and had a mix of men's wear with pink shirts and ties.

Great fashion show, great cause!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "I have oily skin, do you think with a light concealer and Imans's cream to powder foundation will work for me? Or what do you think I should try?"- from Tiffany in Michigan.

Answer: Yes it will. Unlike most cream foundations that are oily, IMAN Second To None Cream To Powder Foundation is oil free. It will feel light and natural on the skin but give you the coverage that you want to correct any look of uneven skin tone.

After you choose your foundation shade, pick the co-ordinating concealer to go with it. It comes in Sand, Clay or Earth, so it is very easy to select.

Before you put on the foundation you should start with the Iman Under Cover Agent Oil Control Lotion to help keep your oily skin in check. It is also great to use through out the day,right on top of your makeup, instead of powder to pat on skin and tone down shine as well. It will help you keep your makeup looking fresh without the cakey look that you can obtain from powdering your face all day.

Beauty question: "I have dark circles under my eyes. I get plenty of sleep, and no matter how much cover up and concealer I put on, it doesn't help!!!!And it ruins the rest of the make-up on my face and makes me look ugly, just for the under eye circles!!!!!Please tell me what I can do to rid myself of those circles!!!" from Samantha in New York.

Answer: One of the best ways to combat under eye circles is to start with your skin care. Dry skin can make under eye circles appear even darker so be sure to hydrate with products specifically designed to moisturize and brighten that delicate area of skin. A great product to try is DDF Erase Eye Gel because it has kojic acid in it. Kojic acid is derived from mushrooms, and is a natural skin lightener. So it will help lighten up the dark circles under you eyes, while giving your skin the hydration that it craves.

Since your concealer isn't working for you, don't give up hope because it may have the right shade but the wrong color. Most people choose concealers that are one shade lighter than there skin, but some dark circles need a yellow or a salmon toned concealer to color 'correct' it as well.

Try the Eve Pearl Magic Salmon Concealer to make muddy dark circle warm and even with your natural skin tone. When applying it be sure not to treat it like a foundation and spread it. Instead pat away the discoloration that you're trying to hide. This application technique keeps the color where it needs to be without making it look fake or thick and heavy.

Now your skin around your eyes will look flawless like the rest of your face!

Beauty question: "I'm seeing the old Mark Traynor face & neck lift systems popping back up. Art Harding also has a system. Marie Claire even hailed them as the "retro beauty must have" item. Do they REALLY work?? Are they invisible like they say they are? Just wondering how these things work. This almost 50 year old just isn't ready for surgery yet."- from Tess in Texas.

Answer: Yep both the Art Harding's Instant Face Lift and Mark Traynor Temporary Face Lifts REALLY work! I've used them on commercials to make an older actress look younger. There are lifts for the face and neck to give you options.

There are 2 shades to choose from, brunette and blond. You need to pick your kit according to your hair color so it can hide them easier. Start by wiping skin with alcohol to rid it of oil and dirt. Then after it has dried, apply the tapes to the areas of the face and neck that you want to lift. Even though the tapes are clear and matte to make them less visible, be sure to apply them as close to the hair line as possible.

After you get the results that you want, style your hair around your face to hide any possible detection. Easy! Instant face lift without the surgery!

Next month will be more answers so keep sending me your beauty questions !


In the winter months I use a cream to treat and add moisture to my scalp and hair, but in this hot weather I needed something more light weight so I tried the CHI Olive Nutrient Therapy Silk Oil.

I see why they named it that way because this leave in treatment makes your scalp and hair feel smooth as silk! It contains certified Organic oil to treat the hair by helping to repair split ends and it replenishes the scalp with nourishment to keep it healthy...and it doesn't feel heavy. Perfect! Just what I was looking for!