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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I love July because it's warm enough to swim, hike and do a lot of things in the 'great outdoors'. I know you can do things in the winter too, but the sunny weather of the summer seems to put everyone in a great mood. Clothes become smaller so people watching is even more fun. Who better to look at than the People magazine's bachelors that are earth friendly?!

I had the chance to work with one of them, Aaron Rourke for the July 2nd issue of People. This 44 year old bachelor loved sports and also competed in triathlons, so we went to the forest to shoot his spread.

You can tell that he was a true lover of mother nature when he handed me some trail mix to snack on. "This will give you some energy to keep you going thru the shoot" he said as he handed me the bag of munchies. By the end of the day I still had my energy plus great tips on eating and exercise. This shoot was one of my favorite ones yet!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "Hello candace, I just wanted to ask you how do i apply false eyelashes and do i put them on before applying eyeshadow or after?"- from Symonea in England.

Answer: There are 2 kinds of false lashes, individuals and the strip. You can apply false lashes before you put on your eye shadow, but I prefer to put it on afterward so there is less shadow "fall out" onto your false lashes.

To apply the strip, you need to first make sure that the strip isn't longer than your eye, so place it at the lash line. If they are too long, trim them to the length that you need. Then run a bead of waterproof eyelash glue on the edge of the lash strip. Make sure you wait a little bit so the glue can become tacky or it won't stay in place. Then apply the strip as close to your lashes as possible. Make sure the glue has totally dried before you close your eyes tightly. Now they are in place even through crying. I like to use Ardel lashes and glue because they have a variety to choose from.

Beauty question: "I am an African American woman with chocolate brown skin. Is there a sunblock that won't make my face look ashy or orange?" from Shareka in California.

Answer: If you have problems with keeping your sunblock from making you look ghostly, try using makeup products with the SPF already added like Jane Iredale mineral makeup. Their loose powder called Amazing Base Loose Minerals has an SPF 20. That yave deep shades like Terra so you will get no ashy or orange color with that!... On days that you don't want to use makeup, try using a moisturizers with the SPF included.

Beauty question: "I've noticed that Asian eyes sometimes look better with color and mascara only on top, whereas others pop a lot more when definition is applied to both the top and the bottom. I suppose a lot depends onthe size and shape of the eyes, as well as how deeply they are set and the length of the lashes (though false lashes can help that.) I was wondering if you had any insight into how best to define different kinds of East Asian eyes?"- from Esther in California.

Answer: Just like all eyes Asian eyes have their own unique beauty, so instead of trying to make them look like traditional almond shaped eyes embrace their beautiful shape. You can line the top and bottom eye to give a dramatic effect or your can just focus on the top part of the eye to create a more natural look. What ever look you decide to use false lashes can always add the right amount of "glam" to the look. THI has false lashes that were especially designed for Asian eyes. The lashes conform better to the distinctive shape that Asian eyes have.

Ok...that's it for the questions but keep on asking and I'll keep answering!


This month my favorite thing is for the hair! I came across this great hair product that is for your scalp. I helps detox to encourage healthier hair from the scalp up. It is made up of a mixture of natural oils like lavendar, almond, and rosemary. With all of the products that we put on our hair, it is time to really work on the source....our skin!