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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Eventhough it's hot outside the pages of magazines are already letting you know about all of the Fall color that will be coming your way! I had the opportunity to do makeup and hair for several Fall color beauty stories and here is a peak at one of them.

In this shot I used Sorme cosmetics. Their Fall color scheme was more earth tones and clean. Their colors were browns and pinky brown for a more natural look, but you see how it can easily be twisted to look a little more dramatic yet still classic with just an eye pencil. I added more drama with their black pencil. Their products were smooth and creamy to the touch with a lot of pigment that was easy to blend.

For the cover of this month's issue of Cosmetech magazine I did a clean pure look so the natural beauty of the various ethnic back grounds could shine through. I used a different makeup line on each person to create the looks that you see

There are other Fall color palettes as well like rich lip color with subtle stained eye shadow, like in the Joey New York collection. No matter which style you want to do, there is something elegant yet colorful for all.

Time to answer some of your beauty questions!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "Could you mention tips on applying flawless foundation? What would you suggest to someone who wants to know about professional makeup application for themselves?"- from Ash in Ohio

Answer: When applying foundation you need to keep in mind that you are trying to duplicate flawless SKIN not drywall. So you want the texture to look smooth and fresh, not heavy and masky. Start by prepping your surface with a good moisturizer. Even if you skin is oily you still need a good hydrator so a water based moisture will work best for your skin.

Next prime your skin with a good primer. Primers help make the surface of the skin look and feel smoother. It also helps makeup click on skin better so you use less product. There are many great primers on the market but Black Radiance has a great primer that is light weight on your skin and easy on your wallet as well.

Now it's time to get rid of what you DON'T want to show through, like breakouts and redness on the skin, with a concealer. Apply the conceal with a concealer brush and patting (no rubbing) it with you finger. The heat from your finger will help the conceal to melt away seamlessly onto your skin making your flaws appear to disappear. Finally apply a light coat of foundation on the rest of your skin, starting with the center of your face, where most discoloration occurs, toward the hairline and jawline. The TRICK?.....PATTING instead of rubbing on the areas you applied concealer. You don't want to undo your work now do you?

Depending on the formula of your foundation, follow with a light dusting of powder, and PRESS the powder into your skin to set it. You can use a velour puff to do this or a makeup wedge. Then voila!....flawless skin without the heavy look.

Beauty question: "What can I do about sparse eyelashes? They seem so short and wimpy. Is there anything that can help them grow?"- from Pat in Florida

Answer: Thin sparse lashes might be due to lack of nutrition or vitamins that stress from our busy lives can deplete. You might want to check with your doctor to see if he can give you a prescription or multi-vitamin.

In the meantime, try using lash builders like Revlon Lash FantasyŽ Primer & Mascara. It will make your lashes appear thicker and longer. You can also try adding a few false lashes on the outer cornes to give it some sex appeal. Ardell can be found at any drugstore and they have strip lashes and individual lashes for less than $4.00!

Beauty question: "I want my eyes to be exotic with dark colors. My eyes are a light blue. What colors should I use? Help!!"- from Shawni in Indiana

Answer: Brown shades make blue eyes stand out, but you can add exotic drama by using other shades like pink, burgundy and slate. For an exotic day look, start with a shade of pink or burgundy on the lid, from the lash to the crease. Then top the whole lid lightly with a light shimmery gold. Then draw a thin line at the lash line with a deep brown with an eyeliner pencil. Smudge and add one coat of mascara. The warmth of the brown will make your blue eyes pop the other shades will bring you additional exotic color without doing too much for day. For the evening you can spice it up by adding brown liner also to the bottom lashes and smudging it and topping the liner with a slate pencil in the inner lash line.

Great beauty questions! If you have a beauty question click onto the listed link and let me know what it is and I'll post it here!


My new favorite product is "Super Sheen Bronzing Mist" by Sephora. It gives your skin a golden glow, while the oils hydrate your skin. One of the best things that I like about this product is that it doesn't feel greasy on the skin, and it dries to a matte finish so you don't get oil stains all over your skin. This is perfect for the hot weather!