Have more money by saving when you can.
Occasionally skip salon visits by doing a few
things yourself at home, like hair removal.
Try the
Nad’s Natural Sugar Wax Kit
Benefits of this hair remover set:
•  Perfect for all skin types, even sensitive skin
•   Can be used on the body and face to stay
hair-free for up to 8 weeks
•   It's a no heat wax, so there's no fear
of burning yourself
•   It's goof-proof! If you apply the wax where
you didn't want, just use water to remove it!


Travel is a popular goal for many people. I'm
constantly on the road for work, but I slowed
down when I was in New York to visit the
Statue of Liberty with
Statue Cruises.
•  You get a fun ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty
and also Ellis Island (like on the movie Hitch)
•   Audio tours in 12 languages
•   There is a museum inside of Lady Liberty so
you can learn how she was built (surprisingly
These are some of the day to day events that happen to me as a professional makeup artist.

CANDACE COREY            Makeup Artist - Hair - Bodypaint - Airbrush

As another year goes by, so does another
birthday. Use the benefits of ingredients from
the  Amazon rainforest
to turn back  the clock and look years
younger using the
BRZLNSKIN Brazilian Facelift Kit
Benefits of the skin care:
•  Reduce puffiness
•   Minimize the look of deep lines and wrinkles
•   Look younger without invasive
doctor's visits or injections like botox
•   Its on sale for $199 (it's normally over $200!)
    I don't really have typical New Year resolutions, instead I like to use a new year, new month and even new week as a fresh
    start to reset my goals and build better habits.

    Last month, in January, I stopped by Great Day Live and Daytime to share my tips to achieve some of your goals in the new

    Here are the suggestions I shared on the shows, and a few other tidbits can be helpful. Even though it's not the first of the
    year I'm hoping this inspires you to stay focused and achieve the goals you want for a better quality of life.

The best way to help others is to take care of
yourself as well. You can create a luxurious
spa-like retreat in your home by using the
COPPER+CRANE Spa Rejuvenation Gift Set
Benefits of this 4-piece kit:
•  Cleansing Milk uses buriti oil from the
Amazon rainforest to clean and hydrate
•  Charcoal Body Polish buffs away dead skin
cells leaving it smooth and soft
•  Melting Body Soufflé combines avocado and
argan oil to soothe dry dull skin
• The Turkish cotton robe is so decadent,
you'll feel pampered each time you use it