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Sunday, January 17, 2010

I am so excited! In this month's issue of Vestiture magazine I created the beauty spread. The theme for the issue was white & black so I based the beauty spread off of those colors. I'm sure you are wondering why I am particularly excited about that since I do so many beauty spreads. Normally when I do a beauty spreads I have to be very conservative, but this time I got to be more creative so it was really fun.

I started with 2 models, one Caucasian (Rianna) and one African American (Michelle). To play up the contrast of light and dark I took their skin tones to the next level, by making Rianna's Irish complexion lighter and Michelle's African skin darker. To create this look I used two types of foundation. I started with Bobbi Brown cream foundation then I topped it with Temptu airbrush.

Once I got their skin to the shade that I wanted I shaped their face with some contouring so they wouldn't look flat. For Rianna I wanted hers to look more subtle, so I used Covergirl Trucolor powder in #3 but for Michelle I wanted it to be stronger so I used a brown and black eye shadow as her contouring powder.

Each look created was a focus on one body part. You can take a closer look by clicking onto the pictures!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "I need to know the best technique to use when applying concelor and makeup under the eyes of mature skin that has dark circles and fine lines. How can the discoloration be corrected and the fine line minimized? "- from Lisa in Texas.

Answer: Start by using a moisturizer. Don't try to take a short cut by applying a face moisturizer on your eye unless it is designed to do that. The skin in that area is 3 times thinner with smaller pores. It is more delicate then the rest of your face so a face cream can be too rich and thick. I like to use gel based moisturizers for the day with light reflecting abilities because they are light weight, soften the looks of wrinkles and usually combat puffiness as well.

Next apply a concealer by patting, not rubbing, for the best coverage. Tugging on your eye can cause additional wrinkles so using your ring finger, which is the weakest appendage, will be the best way to apply it.

Laura Mercier Undercover pot is a great one to try because it is creamy, not dry and cakey, and highly pigmented so you don't need a lot of product to cover your imperfections. The extra benefit is that it has both a light and dark color in the set so you can create the appropriate tone you need.

If you have very dark circles, take the time to apply thin layers instead of getting the urge to pile on a lot of product all at once. This will keep it from looking masky and fake.

Lastly set your concealer with a little bit of powder. The Laura Mercier Undercover Pot includes the translucent powder as well. I like to apply it with an eyeshadow blender brush so it goes on sheer, and then press it into the skin with a velour puff for a seamless finish.


My favorite thing is definitely the Bobbi Brown BU foundation set. I use it on Shaun Robinson when I do Access Hollywood, and it was the base I used for this Vestiture beauty spread as well.

It has tons of shades from the lightest to the darkest. Something for every skin color. There are concealers, foundations and correctors all in one set, but I like that there are two textures of product too. So I can use a concealer as a foundation if I like that texture better or a foundation as a concealer.

The best part?....great pigmentation! So you don't need a lot of product to do anything. A little goes a long way.

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