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Saturday, January 05, 2008

January has already been a great start for 2008 because I was able to appear on NBC in Chicago again to talk about beauty tips for various ages. My segment was to show how you can look great at any age, whether your style is "classic" or "trendy", with the right products and makeup application.

I used models who were in their late 20s - 30s, late 30's - 40s and 50s and older to show how you can keep YOUR OWN STYLE without focusing your age. How? just looking GREAT! As they say...."age is nothing but a number"!
Wanna see the segment yourself? onto the picture to take a peak.

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: " Hi Candace I wanted to know what is the best nude lipstick - Gloss and lip liner -color for a ivory skin, I cant find one that looks good."- from Ana in California.

Answer: Finding a nude lip color can seem like a hard task but if you look for the right color base, it will help narrow your search. I feel that there are 2 types of nude lip color....a beige-brown nude or a pinkie-brown nude.

Since you are very pale, you probably have a lot of pink in your skin so beige-brown nudes can appear muddy but a pinkie-brown nude lip color will look more natural for you.

Most stores do not have testers for drug-store brand cosmetics but Ulta does. They have testers for their Ulta brand, drug-store brand and department store brands. Make sure you get a free Ulta membership card to get points for free beauty products.

Avoid putting "used" tester products on your mouth, by bringing a bottle of your foundation with you to the store. Rub an even amount of foundation on the back of your hand to ensure that the color on your hand will match the color on your face. Then apply test samples on the back of your hand so you can choose you lip colors accurately. Once you have the lip color that you want, just pick the matching lip pencil and clear gloss. Ulta brand products have great colors and don't put a dent in your wallet.

Beauty question: "I am African descent and I have really pretty eyes sort off like a slit and a Siamese cat and they are also dark in the circle part of the eye with very long,thick eyelashes. I was wondering what eye makeup techniques that I can use to really make 'em pop? I also love to use golds, bronzes and other earthy tones. I would like to use some sort of copper or silvery eyeliner underneath my eye to essentuate the shape" from CJ in Trinidad.

Answer: Since you already love earth tones, why not "mix it up" by adding burgundy to it. It would be a great addition to your golds and bronzes. This will be a great way to compliment the colors you are already using and make your eyes "pop".

Try putting your gold as a highlight and bronze on the lid, with a rich chocolate brown in the crease. If you really want to use copper or silver, try using it in the inner corner of the eye to add a brightening effect to your eyes.

Then complete your look by dusting the burgundy eye shadow on the top and lower lash line before you line your eyes with a black or navy pencil, like Sorme' Waterproof Smearproof Eye liner. Just make sure you keep the line very thin and close to your lashes so it makes your lashes look thicker without creating a smokey look.

Beauty question: "Hi, I enjoy watching you on NBC 5 Chicago Sunday morning. Does that Phormulate anti aging hair treatment keep your hair from getting thinner, will it make it thicker? I also color my hair with touch ups and highlights, can you use that treatment with that? "- from Susan in Illinois.

Answer: Hair can become thin due to various reasons like heredity, environmental damage and damage that we cause our hair and hair follicles through styling or chemical treatments.

pHormulate Anti-Aging Leave In Treatment can't change the effects that heredity bring but it can help protect hair from environmental and styling damage like UV rays and damage from the effects of heat from styling tools.

The leave-in treatment can be used daily, and right before getting your hair colored, as well as other chemical processes.

Those were great beauty you have one too? Ok....well stop being shy and write me. I'll answer yours too!

I know I already mentioned this ProSilk Far Infared blow dryer on the video segment, but I was REALLY impressed by it.
I like how the technology helps with more than just the hair cuticle, but with the hair follicle and scalp as well. Since the follicle and the scalp is where hair begins.....that is a major break through. So this was my favorite thing this month.
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