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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The new year is finally here! Didn't 2006 go by sooo fast?! Well, I enjoyed 2006 and plan to make 2007 even more memorable.

Did you look gorgeous for all of the Holiday and New Year Eve parties? Well I talked about party makeup and winterizing your skin on NBC News Today. Unfortunately I don't have the video clip yet but I promise to post it when I do.

With the new year comes a new look! In this month's issue of Image Chicago magazine I provide an abundance of looks to choose from with makeup by Lancome, Sorme, La Prairie, Nars, Sisley, and Joey New York in a beauty spread called "White Washed".

Here is an image from the spread to give you an idea of what you have to look forward to. You can see more in the current issue!

What did I use to create the look in this image?....(Makeup provided by Lacome)
eyes: Embellished Colour Focus Palette 4 Ombres
lips: Vega Le Rougue Absolu topped with Thrill-SeekerJuicy Tubes Smoothie gloss
cheeks: Mosaique Rose Blush Subtil Mosaique
Nails: Well-To-Do Vernis Magnetic nail Lacquer
hair products by: Aveda and BioSilk

If you promised yourself to do more traveling this year, make sure that you remember to pack all of your beauty products in your suitcase because you aren't allowed to carry many beauty products in your purse now and don't forget to get your passport. Before you could just show 2 forms of ID. but the new year also brought new laws for traveling overseas. So GET THAT PASSPORT!

Now that I got that off my chest lets talk about your new year beauty questions!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "I'm a Latino woman and I always have a problem finding foundation, but most of my frinds tell me that I don't need to use it because my skin tone is even and I don't have any pimples so I use pressed powder but after a while my skin gets shiny so I don't know if I should use foundation or not, also I have dry skin so i dont know why my skin gets oily during the day."- from Brenda in Florida.

Answer: It sounds like you have combination skin instead of just dry. Combination skin types have some areas that are dry or normal, and the other areas like your T-zone can be oily.

Make sure you are hydrating your skin properly by doing hydrationg masks that infuse water into the skin and then top your skin with a water based moisturizer. This can help balance your skin and make it less shiny in the oily areas but give your drier areas the moisture that it needs.

If you skin is clear you don't need a foundation but if you prefer to use one try a tinted moisturizer or just use concealer in dark areas or any blotchy areas on the skin. Skip the powder and just use blotting tissues instead. This will keep your dry areas looking great while mopping up any oil on other parts of your skin.

Beauty question: "What is a good hair color for me? I am a light-skinned african american with green sometimes hazel eyes with medium length hair....Do you have any suggestions I want highlights, my hair color is dark brown."from Nickie in Georgia.

Answer: During colder seasons try subtle Auburn highlights but focus most of the color around your face so it will boost to your skin tone. If you like your new color, then add more auburn highlights mixed with honey golden highlights when the weather is warmer. As your skin deepens into your summer tan, you hair will compliment the look to create a great sunkissed look.

If you want permanate hair color, go to a professional who not only works on African American hair but also specializes in hair color. If you want to try to color your hair on your own, opt for a color rinse instead of permanate hair color which will wash out after several shampoos so if you mess up all you need to do is try again after your color washes out.

To keep your hair color lasting as long as possible try using color enhancing shampoos and conditioners from Aveda. It will keep your locks hydrated and your color in tact, as long as possible with fewer touch ups.

Beauty question: "What inspired you to do artsy things with make-up? How do you get your new cosmetic ideas? Is it hard coming up with new things to create? What things are the hardest to do with make-up? Where do you get your ideas? How do you know what looks good together?"- from Becky in Massachusetts.

Answer: I've been doing makeup artistry for over 20 years. So just like any profession, your skill grows over time.

Inspiration for styles that I do come from every where. From people I see, from nature, from shapes.....every where. When I do creative makeup for a magazine, the magazine gives me the theme to start with and I grow from that. Other times I create the themes myself. I always keep a note pad or sketch book around me, so when I have an idea I can write it down. So those ideas are usually pulled from the notes and sketch books I have jotted down from over a period of time.

Since you are interested in becoming a makeup artist, stop by the MAKEUP ARTIST WORKSHOP page for the new 2007 schedule.

Now that I've answered this month's beauty questions I just have to tell you about this great beauty product that I found!


Just like we all have our favorite outfits, I have a new favorite beauty tool...the Beauty Bender! Ok! Ok! it looks like an egg....a cute pink egg but the shape is not there to look pretty. The round end blends foundation into skin seamlessly while the pointy top can reach in the nooks and crevices of the face like no brush can...all while feeling like your skin is being touched with velvet! For all of those of you who hate to use sponges because you don't want to be wasteful, you don't have to compromise your "earth's REUSABLE AND RECYCLABLE! It comes with a sample of the cleanser, or you can get the twin pak with the large size cleanser and 2 reusable sponges. When you can't use it again...they even have a recycling system for it. So you can look great and while keeping the earth pretty too!