These are some of the day to day events that happen to me as a professional makeup artist.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

If you love a good makeover then you will love the show Peter Perfect. It is about a celebrity hair stylist, Peter Ishkhan, going to business owners and helping them to redo the look of their business and themselves to help them grow. Well it is now season 2 of Peter Perfect and I was able to work with the crew on the Brewing Up Success episode. You can see a clip from the show by clicking onto one of the images!

The day started with Peter going through their business to see what needed to be adjusted to give their business the pazazz it was lacking. He adjusted the paint color, layout and various decorations. When he was finished it look fun and sophisticated without looking over the top. It is amazing what a little bit of tweeking can do.

Everyone knows you only have one chance to make a first impression so now it was time for the business owners for a head to toe makeover. He started with their clothing. Before they looked nice, but a little too casual to look like they owned the establishment but he didn't want them to feel uncomfortable. So he went with various clothes that not only looked good on their body type but felt good to wear through out the day.

Next was the hair. Since Peter has a successful salon in Los Angeles with celebrity clients, he knews exactly what to do to make their hair look like a million bucks! He cut and colored each person's hair to not only look chic but to also be easy to maintain according to their individual lifestyle.

After their hair was complete it was time to add the finishing! Even though Katy Eyer is Peter's personal makeup artist and is the one that appears on the show, in reality she is swamped with making sure Peter looks camera perfect at all times while he spends his busy day with business redesignes and hair styling. It is a lot of work to be on set AND be offset doing makeovers at the same time.... so that is where I come in! While Katy stays on set taking care of Peter, I take the girls to the makeup room in the back to give them a new look.

First I prepped their skin and gave them beauty tips that they could use in their daily lives. Then I created a makeup look to enhance each person's unique features and personal beauty style. Once complete they were rushed back on set to shoot other sections of their makeover. This gave me time to explain my makeup application and tips to Katy so she was prepared to know to say in front of the camera for the 'makeup tip' segment of the show.

Then voila! a new store, a new look and a new style!....all in 2 days! Thats the magic of TV!

Beauty Questions

Now that I am getting so busy I'm only able to feature one beauty question per month. I know....I know! I'm sorry. But keep writing me and I'll still keep answering you back!

Beauty question: "Hi Candace,I saw a video of yours describing different sunless tanners used by celebrity clients. I have tried a few sunless tanners and was wondering if you would recommend one for darker skin tones. I have tried the St.tropez and like that, but because I already have a darker tone I need a tanner with a darker result. I would greatly appreciate if you could recommend a something. Thank you"- from Ambika in UK.

One of my favorite self tanners is Sun Sauce. Since you are in London, the easiest way for you to get it is online at I like it because it glides on your skin smoothly to hydrate and enrich the skin with vitamins while it gives you a deep dark tan that never looks orange. It is so popular it was even used on the tv show "Dancing With The Stars". Make sure you exfoliate before you use a self tanner, and clean your palms immediately afterward, so you don't give away your secret!

Next month will be more beauty answers so keep sending me those questions!


My favorite thing this month is actually a candle. Surprised? too! I love candles, I've always have but when I took a whiff of The Healthy Candle by Lavanilla Labratories, I couldn't help myself. It smells like vanilla with a touch of coconut. Not only did it smell good, it is also good for you?.....yep! that's what I said good for you!

The candle is all natural candle with no parrifin, which is actually bad for you because it is petroleum-based. The American Lung Association even confirmed that the toxins that are released upon burning is as harmful as second-hand tobacco smoke. Yuck!

So now you see why I LOVE it!