I know what you're thinking! This is 30 Days of Giveaway....what are you giving us?
Well it won't be everything, but it will be good!

Today I'm giving away the
Spectralight Eyecare Pro by Dr. Dennis Gross! So both you guys
and gals can look younger and wrinkle free for all of your instagram photos with the fam!
December 2, 2017 - Day 2

Even though I do makeup and hair for TV shows, I'm sometimes a guest on them as a Beauty & Style Expert.

So I had the honor of  stopped by the set of
Good Day Sacramento to give some tips on Must-Have travel for the season to
help you stay looking your best while your on the road this season.

Watch the video to see what I told them!
These are some of the day to day events that happen to me as a professional makeup artist.

CANDACE COREY            Makeup Artist - Hair - Bodypaint - Airbrush
Travel is time consuming so most of the time we cut down our beauty routine down to
the bare minimum when we are on the go. My suggestion?....don't! (it's stressful
anyway, so work on those wrinkles before they become permanent) Just get techy!
Use beauty gadgets like the
Spectralite Eyecare Pro to give you a dermatology
approved (and FDA cleared) skin care treatment in only 3 minutes a day.

It uses red light wavelengths to boost the collagen in your skin, to give your eye area
anti-aging benefits! (bye bye crows feet) It's hands free o you can keep looking great
coming and going!
TIP 2 – Waist Friendly Travel
Don't travel hungry  (just like the rule of thumb to not grocery shop hungry) or you'll end up grazing all the way to your
destination on those over priced half full bags of snacks in the airport!

Instead start your day with something that will keep you feeling full while providing the energy you'll need to run from one plane
to your connection.

Try the
Premier Protein Chocolate Shake which is only 160 calories and 30 grams of protein, so its a tasty way to fill up on
the go. I also like to throw a few
PowerBars Protein Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt bars in my bag so I can munch on those
instead of a candy bar. It's a plant based protein, full of nuts, seeds and the right amount of chocolate drizzle that can settle my
sweet tooth.
We've all seen it. The big toss by the TSA agent! So get your favorite beauty products in travel
sizes. Guys too!

For all of you
#NoShaveNovember dudes with the manly beards, opt for the Scotch Porter
Travel sized beard collection. The set is small enough to tote everything you'll need in a
carry-on, so you don't have to pay the $25 checked baggage fee, but it's still enough product
to give you a month supply of grooming gear for your man whiskers stylish. You're welcome!

For all of you guys that don't have the option to travel for work in casual clothes, you're going
to want to hug me! One of thehardest things is to be on planes, trains and automobiles in comfort when you have to wear a suit
The outfit can be binding, and so help you if you spill anything on it! - you end up heading home with an expensive dry cleaner
bill from the hotel!
No worries! Keep the suit, but ditch the headache by going with the
Perry Ellis Slim Tech WASHABLE suit! (correct...I didn't
stutter!...I said washable!) It's wrinkle and stain resistant, with a slim fit to give you that tailored look but with stretch-ability woven
into the fabric so you don't feel like you're being held hostage. And if you spill something on it, grab some quarters and toss it
into the washing machine at your hotel and your done!

                   I told ya! Bring in those Hugs!

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