These are some of the day to day events that happen to me as a professional makeup artist.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Not only do I get a chance to do makeup for TV show and magazine, but sometimes I appear on TV shows, magazine interviews and radio shows as a beauty expert to give advice for beauty delimas.

I got a chance to be interviewed on the Amy's Table radio show and then give a makeover to one of her listeners. To register for the makeover they had to write in and say why they felt that they needed one. The obvious winner was Laura Brown. This is what she wrote:

"I am a 38 year old mother of two children, ages 6 and 4. I had a very complicated delivery and recovery due to a rare bleeding disorder that is now in remission. I was given chemotherapy for about two years and heavy daily doses of steroids for about three years. Though I am thankful the outcome was not astragic as it could have been, I am frustrated with the changes to my body that occurred from such affliction and treatment. I had focused on getting better physically for so long I no longer have an idea of how to update my look. I am very blessed to have two beautiful, healthful children and an amazing husband. I would like my state of appearance to reflect my happiness! Please choose me toreceive a makeover as I am ready to represent my blessed life by being the bestme that I can be! Thank you for your consideration!"

Laura went through a lot so I was more excited then she was to give her a makeover. I started with her hair and went to skin care and then makeup tips. To hear what happened just click onto the image!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "Hey Candace! I was wondering what you would suggest for pale skin every day lipliner/lipstick. I love Taylor Swift's youthful look but I don't want to necessarily look like I'm wearing a lot of makeup. Very natural and something that stays on! Thanks so much and have an awesome day!"- from Jeanie in Tennessee.

Answer: When I want to create a natural lip I look at the inner rim of the person's mouth to get my inspiration. The color is usually a shade of brown or pink with a touch of brown. I normally pick a tone that is slightly deeper then their natural color.

Start by hydrating your lips with a face or lip moisturizer instead of a lip balm. Balms usually have beeswax in them, which can effect your lip color from lasting longer on lips.

Next base lips by lining and completely filling them in with Estee Lauder Stay in Place lip pencil in color like Spice, because it stays on for 12 hours and the color looks like the natural rim of the lip. Use the lip brush on the other end of the pencil to smooth it out before you apply lipstick.

Next add lip color, like Estee Lauder All-Day lipstick in Mocha Pink or Caffe Latte. It will give you medium coverage with a satin finish without making lips look too dry or matte.

If your lips look too exact, or formal, then take your index finger and smudge the edges to make it look more natural. This will give you the look you want, but skip using lip gloss to ensure that your look lasts all day.

I look forward to answering more questions next month. Now it is time for.....


My favorite thing this month is the Ken Paves Nano Silver Tourmaline Ceramic curling iron. The tourmaline technology locks in 20% more moisture to the hair. I love to spritz on a little leave in conditioner before using the iron on the hair. It makes hair soft but locks in the curl without damaging it like some hot tools can.

I used the curling iron for my makeover with Laura. I curled her hair in different directions to mimic her natural curl, just to give it a little boost without making her look all 'dolled up'. At the end of the makeover I let her keep the curling iron as a gift from me. I hope she enjoys using it!

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