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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Some people are addicted to soap I'm a bit addicted to HGTV. I just love the shows. From Househunters, to Design to Sell. I can't get enough of them.

Maybe it's because I want to buy a house soon so I love the tips. Or maybe it's because I also want my current living space to look better. I can't decide the main reason but either way you can see why I'm addicted to the shows.

I'm sure you are now thinking, "what does this have to do with your beauty blog?"...ok!...ok!...I'm getting to it! I was called to do the makeup and hair for the new HGVT series "Bang For Your Buck". Talk about ecstatic! I get to work face to face with HGTV designers Lisa LaPorta, Sabrina Soto Monica Pedersen and Lytel Young. Yeah!! I thought I would ask them a million design questions....but I didn't. The beauty diva in me overwrote all opportunities to get new tips on the down low for my home, and I ended up giving beauty products and tips of my own. *sigh* Oh well! Maybe next time.

The show is about 3 homes with the same type of renovations for the same amount of money. The designers and real estate experts for that area determine if each home used their money wisely for design and for resale value. The fun part? get to see what the homeowners think about the experts comments. Good...and bad! Some homeowners had a 'take no prisoners' approach to their comments. lol!! It was GREAT! I loved every minute of it!

I started my day at 6:30 am. setting up shop in the home owner's bathrooms getting ready to style the designers and real estate experts. If we had enough time, I was allowed to style the home owners too. One of my favorite things to bring was my new Banana Republic candles. The scent was so calming, it set the mood for the day. Next it was skin care, skin care, skin care! People always ask me what I use so this time I'm going to let you know my tools of choice for the show. I even took pictures so you can see for yourself!

As a beauty junkie I must admit I love trying new products so I'm always changing up but when I work on a TV series I prefer to stay with one set of products through out the whole show. For skin care I used Repechage Algo Mist to start and followed with Olay Regenerist Derma-pod eye moisturizer and Jan Marini Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant SPF 30 moisturizer.

Once every one's skin was prepped it was color time! I mainly used Temptu airbrush foundation, Revlon Brow Fantasy and Repechage for eye, lip and cheek color but I sometimes threw in a touch of Tarte eyeshadow as well. For hair I used my new David Babaii products. I love that proceeds go to wildlife so I feel like I'm able to do 2 things, get what I need for work and help the world, all on the same dime.

Once everyone was finished it was show time! Wanna see how it turned out? Well tune in on April 3rd to see!...but you can get a sneak peek now by going to the HGTV "Bang For Your Buck" web site.

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "I heard you say (on a tv segment) that wetting the eyeshadow gives a deeper look. Does it ruin the shadow once you start wetting it or should you shave off the portion of the shadow you intend to wet."- from Robin in Ohio.

Answer: No it doesn't ruin it. Most eyeshadows are fine to use wet them with water but some don't and you have to use makeup fixiers to do it.

The best way to wet your shadows is to not put water directly on the shadow but to wet your brush or applicator instead. Then just use one spot on your eye shadow so the other areas remain dry.

Since most people have a tendency to smear the compact with water I suggest using products like Sorme' Long Lasting Wet/Dry eye shadow which are especially designed to do that.

Beauty question: "I have visible spots on my ace from acne that doesn't seem to go away and I would like to know what can I do to conceal the spots without having to put alot of makeup on?" from Danandra in Indiana.

Answer: Begin with a light coat of foundation. Start at the center of your face, which normally needs most of the color, and work your way towards the edges. I like to blend with my fingers or a foundation brush. Then study your face to see where you need more coverage. In those areas get a concealer that matches you skin tone and pat, don't rub, on top of the areas you want to hide. Patting makes the coverage a little thicker without it looking cakey.

To ensure you foundation doesn't look heavy wait a moment and let it settle and warm up against your skin. Then pat all over it one more time with a clean makeup sponge. That will lift any color that isn't adhering to your skin and may be excess product. Follow with a little bit of face powder to set it. I like to apply it with a little makeup brush like Billy B #13 makeup brush. The small size keeps me from picking up tons and tons of powder and also makes it easier to apply around the small areas of the face like the nose and under eye.

Once you powder, press the powder into the skin with a clean sponge or velour puff to make sure it really sets the foundation and not just sit on top of the skin.

Now you are ready for color and your skin doesn't look like plastic!

Beauty question: "Alot of product lines are making foundation primer to go
along with their foundations, is this really needed? I always thought that as
long as you cleanse exfoliate and moisturize, you would be okay? What do you
from Tiffany in Michigan.

Answer: Exfoliaters are designed to unblock pores and smooth skin by removing dead skin. Moisturizers are designed to hydrate the skin. Both of those benefits are not the same thing that makeup primers are designed to do.

Depending on the primer, just like primer for paint on your walls, they are usually designed to make your makeup go on smoother and last longer on the skin. Some primers have additional options like vitamins and anti-aging benefits like the Bare Escentuals Prime Time primer but the main benefits are usually the same in all primers.

Next month will be more beauty answers so keep sending me those questions!

My favorite thing this month is the Banana Republic candles. I know I talked about them earlier but I really really like them! It is nice to have a soothing clean scent around you instead of a heavy one. I didn't even know they HAD candles but I'm glad I found out they did. They are going all through my house!

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