Monday, December 10, 2007

Now that it's December and 2007 is fading away fast, have you decided what you plan to do next year? Everyone seems to have New Year resolutions and goals. Most of the goals include taking better care of themselves.

Well my goal for 2008 is to take better care of myself and eat right, but to also help others reach their beauty potential. So to be able to reach my goal I've agreed to be the beauty spreaker at the America's Beauty Exo (formally called the Midwest Beauty Show).

If you've never been to the expo, you are in for a total treat. Just click onto the picture. You know the saying "kid in a candy store"....well...that is what it's like if you love beauty. There is everything for everyone who loves hair care, skin care and makeup. So now you you see why this was the perfect place for me to keep my goal!

I'll be speaking on March 3 2008, so pick up a program so you can stop by to get more beauty and makeup tips from me. Oh!.....if you come to the Expo make sure you stop by to say hello...I might have a few goodies to give you!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "Since the weather is getting colder it seems I'm getting dry areas on my face mostly around my nose Do you have any tips to keep it moisturized?"- from Lindsey in Ohio.

Answer: When the weather gets cold it is easy to want to make bath water as hot "as you can stand it" to melt the chill away, but that can be very dehydrating. So instead of making water too hot, keep the temperature to a comfortably warm setting, and use a hydrating bath cleanser like Molton Brown Bath & Shower Inspiring Wild Indigo from Bath & Body Works.

It not only cleans and gently moisturizes your skin but it also helps produce endorphins to boost your mood. Next to a tall cup of java, that is the perfect pick-me-up to start your morning!

Beauty question: "what makeup brushes are the best? And would you say all of them are from the same brand or do you mix brands and take the best brushes from each brand?" from Sarah in Canada.

Answer: There are a lot of great brands of brushes that are available now. From expensive to very inexpensive, there is a brush that can suit all budgets and still be of great quality.

When you are choosing brushes think about what you will be using it for. Some like to buy brushes in a kits, but I prefer to hand pick each brush so I have the type of brush that I need instead of tons of brushes that I won't use.

For example, if you like to use eye makeup but don't like to contour or use powder blush then it might be better for you to take your time to hand pick several eyeshadow brushes instead of having a big variety of powder, foundation and blush brushes.

Be aware of the type of hair that you have in the brushes. Different brush hair will effect how your makeup glides across the skin or how it blends. Close your eyes and rub the brush on the back of your hand to see if it feels soft or scratchy. If it doesn't feel soft on your hand it will be worst on your face.

There are many types of hairs that are used in brushes. Synthetic bristles are usually used on foundation brushes so it doesn't absorb cream or liquid foundation into the hair but instead goes smoothly in sheer coats onto skin. So skin can look natural instead of like a heavy mask.

For blush and face powder sable hair is better to use than synthetic bristles because it won't scratch skin through on-going use and it keeps product from "grabbing" in areas of the skin.

For eye shadow and other brushes you have a variety of hairs that are used, Taklon, boar, Badger, raccoon, and even sponges but one of my favorite type is squirrel hair because it is so soft. It blends seamlessly without irritating the sensitive skin on the eye area. Japonesque has a range of brushes and hair type to choose from. You can buy them in a set or individually.

Beauty question: "I am a makeup artist and I have worked for Mac, Chanel, and began to do some TV and print work. I would like to know, if you ever hire assistants that can learn and grow with you. Your work is really amazing and I was curious if there would ever be any kind of opportunity like this."- from Derya in NY/NJ.

Answer: Your question isn't really a beauty question but I'll be happy to answer it for you anyway. Yes! I do have an intern/assisting program. My intern/assisting program is only available for my Makeup Artist Workshop students. It is designed to help my students grow in skill confidence and build thier resume.

They have assisted me with fashion show, cover shoots, tv shows, films and ad campaigns. When I'm not available to do a project, they are the ones that I refer my work to.

Many of my students have branched up to work full time in the industry. Some of their accomplishments include:

~makeup for QVC
~makeup & hair for singer Kelis
~key makeup artist for singer Ledisi "Alright" music video
~working on the Beanie Sigel/R. Kelly "All Of The Above" music video
~key makeup/hair artist for the Cry of the Afflicted CD
~and one is already scheduled to work at the 2008 Stella Awards

If you are intersted in attending the 2008 Makeup Artist Workshop, this is the perfect time because the class has been extended from a 2 day to a 3 day class. Sale prices expire December 26 2008.

Send me more questions and I promise to keep giving you more answers!


I had a photo shoot to do and tried a new product called Absolute Facial Toner by Von Natur...and really loved it!
Their products are natural, organic and Vegan certified. When you use the toner it not only smells really good, but it also gives your skin this great tingle. So you skin is refreshed!
It has Rose and Glycerin for hydration, and Aloe to sooth skin while it refines pores.
Well.....I'm gonna search for more great things to try and I'll see you next month! See ya in 2008!
These are some of the day to day events that happen to me as a professional makeup artist.

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