These are some of the day to day events that happen to me as a professional makeup artist.

CANDACE COREY            Makeup Artist - Hair - Bodypaint - Airbrush
In my Fall Trends article I mentioned about getting a
humidifier for your home, but sometimes you need
something to remove odor.

I was offered a sample of a non-toxic natural way to
freshen the air with
Moso Bags. It uses bamboo
charcoal, which has tiny pores that attract bacteria,
chemicals and bad smells.

If you periodically set the bag outside so the sun's UV
rays can clear it out, it can be used for up to 2 years.
When it's no longer useful pour bag contents into your
plants to use as food! Eco perfect!
If you read my article about Fragrance Tips , then
you know how to make a scent last longer on your
body. Here are a few sets if you a looking for
something new to smell!

Sephora Perfume Sampler has 10-15  scents to
try, with an enclosed voucher for a full sized bottle.
This set is perfect if you're looking for one signature

If you prefer to switch up your scents like your
wardrobe then the
Replica Memory Box is a must.
You can tell by the names that It's designed as an
experience, like a
Beach walk or Lazy Sunday
. Smells range from light and crisp to rich and
If you're like me, you like a good
Since my job as a makeup artist requires
me to have a plethora of products to suit
everyone I work on, I try to stock up on
everything including items for myself!

Here are a few fantastic finds for beauty
and lifestyle that you shouldn't pass up,  
starting with makeup tools!

Beauty blenders are a staple for many
makeup pros and enthusiast, so the
Blender's Delight Set with sponges,
cleaners and a storage case to keep them
from germs is essential!
I got a chance to try a variety of the Zoella Beauty body products when i was sent the Wish Upon A Star
collection. The scent was fresh and light but also extremely relaxing. Even though the set it no longer
available, but you can still get other Zoella product like
body mists, soaks, bubble bath and body

A great thing to use as you're soaking in the tub is a face mask. The
Mask Frenzy set by Peter Thomas
Roth contains 6 cult favorites that will moisturize, refine, brighten, and even out discoloration with the
added benefits of anti-aging. It's a must-have for every skin care lover!
I also use brushes! Full size are great when you're at a
vanity table, but they can be cumbersome on the go especially when
you're out with your friends. The  
Charlotte Tilbury Magical Mini
Brush Set  is the perfect size when you need something portable.

It contains four brushes - two for eyeshadow, a lip and one fluffy blush
brush- all in a beautiful gold glitter clutch. Bling bling!
                                                             Foodies that love to cook, know that good
                                                             cookware is key.
                                                             I was sent the Diamotech frying pan to sample
                                                             and I was pleasantly surprised.

                                                             Not only did it conduct the heat evenly so
                                                             preparation was a breeze, but it's topped with
                                                             a special layer that prevents food from sticking.

                                                             So there's no need to pile on the butter and oil
                                                             which is great for your health and waistline.  

It also makes clean up easy and fast. Let's face it, that's the part that everyone hates the most!
The pan is now a family favorite in my kitchen.

I'll give one winner a chance to win a couple goodies from my picks listed above!

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- the Charlotte Tilbury Mini brush set and
- the Replica Memory box  




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Photography:  Holly Ray
Makeup + Hair: Candace Corey
Model: Kristen Hodney
Michael Strahan shoot