These are some of the day to day events that happen to me as a professional makeup artist.

December 14, 2017

I'm not really a sports person, but I like tennis.

Correction! I like to TRY to play tennis, but I'm not good at it. I'm actually horrible. My day of playing consists of me getting excited when
I can return the ball instead of missing. I do that for about an hour, then I leave the court from heat exhaustion to head over to get some
ice cream! That's it!

Thank goodness, my skills with a racket (or should I say lacking skills) wasn't a pre-requisite for my shoot with Acics and tennis star
Gaël Monfils!

The shoot took place on a hot Summer's day, in Florida! When I showed up on the set for the Acics shoot I was met by the talent
wrangler. She escorted me to a private trailer where I'd be grooming Gaël. It was full of shoes and tennis clothes, for all of the many
changes we needed to do for the day. After setting up my brushes and skin care products I headed to the set.

On set was a large crew. People were everywhere. Catering was setting up food (gotta have snacks and plenty of water). The
photographer and his assistants were setting up their equiptment. The wardrobe stylist was discussing outift changes. And the tennis
coach was hitting balls back and forth with the test model.After a few practice photos with the test model, we were all set.

When Gaël arrived sporting his Bob Marley locks, I knew I didn't have much to do much.
Most men have bad skin but his has really nice (he is French! so I'm not surprised). All I did
was some basic skin care and we were all set to shoot!
Fun crew!
Fun talent! (Gael and I even danced together
between photos!)
Great ad campaign!
Great day!....
Today I'm going to give away some men's body products! Not just any
products, this is for man care for down there!

This is especially great because men sweat and chaff from day to day
movement but it's even more of a bother during sports activities.

This also fights odor and keeps skin dry and comfortable, unlike baby
powder which turns into a gummy mess when you sweat.

It's actually the number 1 men's powder on the internet!

If you're a guy you're going to LOVE me for this. I gave these to my
hubby and he has be thanking me for it ever since!
The winner will receive the following prize
as listed below:

DAY 14 Prize:
- One (1) bottle Chassis Premium Powder



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Erika Clayton
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