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Sunday, April 12, 2009

I am not really what you call a sports fanatic. I like to play sports but I don't normally watch them but I just might have to start though. This month I did grooming for the Wheaties campaign featuring Kevin Garnett of the Boston Celtics. Before the shoot I was instructed to be ready to only have minutes to groom him, so I brought 2 assistants with me to ensure that I could keep things moving quickly and smoothly.

By the time he came to the photo shoot it was 10 pm. in the evening. When he walked in, with me being only 5'2", you would think that the first thing that I would notice was his stature of 6'11" tall. Actually the first thing I noticed was the big smile on his face and how he made a point to say "HI" to each person in the room. That might seem like an odd thing to notice but I knew he had a jam packed schedule all day including his video for the Wheaties commercial as well. If it were me, I would probably be a walking zombie or a grump but he was neither.

He was wonderful to work with and kept the whole crew laughing through the whole shoot. The last shot of the day was of Kevin palming the photographer's assistants' bald head as he only stood at the base of his neck line. As I said....Kevin is tall!

At the end of the shoot he hopped back in my chair so I could clean off any traces of makeup. I even got a chance to take a picture with him! See!....he is still smiling! Great guy! Click onto the picture to see the behind the scenes images.

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "tell a easy way to make my nail grow pretty and nice, and even and to look nice without a french manicure"- from Amnah in Karachi.

Start with taking vitamins and supplements to give your body the needed nutrients to produce healthier nails. Vitamin A and B are two that can help make nails stronger but you can go to a pharmacy or health foods store to get a multi-vitamin for nails that will include various nutrient for better nails.

You can also change your hand lotion to one that helps both skin and nails. Vaseline Hand & Nail Lotion has specific ingredients to target the extra damaging effects that your hands and nails endure daily. In 2 weeks your skin and nails will be softer and stronger.

Next month will be more beauty answers so keep sending me those questions!


My favorite thing this month is a lovely scent called "Vanilla & Anise" by Jo Malone. The fragrance starts off from the rare vanilla orchid of Madagascar with additional notes of citrus, clove, white amber vanilla bouron absolute and tonka bean.

I love how it isn't over powering yet gives a statement of elegance and sophistication. This flirty fragrance is perfect for a day of shopping with the girls, yet sexy enough for a dinner for two.

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