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Sunday, April 06, 2008

I always love watching the latest celebrity news on Access Hollywood so when I got a phone call to do makeup and hair on TV hostess Shaun Robinson for the show, I jumped at the chance.

I must admit though......I was a bit nervous! Well....wouldn't you be?! I mean seriously......think about it! Shaun does all of the red carpet interviews and talks to all of the stars. This was Access Hollywood!

Well my nerves must have started taking over because when I headed to her room and I spoke to her for the first time I could have kicked myself. I greeted her saying "Hi SHAUN I'm here to do your makeup and hair!" My mind began racing. "What just came out of my mouth!!", I thought, "OMG!!..... what was I thinking! I shouldn't have called her by her first name, I should have said 'Ms Robinson!"
Without hesitation she warmly replied "Come in and I'll be ready to start in a moment!" I expected her to be offended but her down to earth demeanor calmed me down immediately and made it seem more like two girl friends hanging out instead of work. I exhaled a sigh of relief...."Whew!"and prayed that I wouldn't trip or spill something on her clothes....and I didn't! Who said prayer doesn't work?!

Here are a few images from the TV segment that was shot that day. As you see, Shaun likes to look "pretty", and not all heavily made up. So to create her look I used a little bit of Bobbi Brown Honey foundation and Cinema Secrets concealer to even out a few imperfections. When you are as pretty as she is, you don't need much so I finished her look with a touch of brown eyeshadow in her crease, and cranberry blush and lip gloss, which was also by Bobbi Brown, and she was good to go.

For her hair, the top was kept smooth but I added a touch of waves at the ends using my FHI hair tools and Voila!.....I was done. Time to go on set now! action!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "Sometimes my face looks whiter than my neck in pictures Why?am i wearing the wrong make up- I use Estee Lauder double wear and translucent powder? I hate it what do you suggest?"- from Ana in California .

Answer: I'm sure your makeup choice is fine for every day wear but it might not be the perfect choice for pictures.

Many makeup products have titanium dioxide in them, which can be reflective when taking a picture. So your makeup looks great in real life, but when the flash bulb goes off your face can look whiter than your body. Read the back of your makeup bottles to see if the ingredient is listed, and where it is listed. The higher it is listed as an ingredient, the more of it is in your product.

One of my favorite foundations to use when I am working on a model at photo shoots is Cinema Secrets. It is creamy but light height on the face. If that is hard for you to find, try Laura Mercier Liquid Foundation. It is another makeup artist favorite for perfect looking skin that is photo perfect!

Beauty question: "What's to do about facial hair, some cremes don't do a good job, and the little lady shaver, does not get the little stubble. What about hair on the arms? What's the best way to remove it?" from Ariel in Louisiana .

Answer: Ridding yourself from hair is just a wax away. Unlike shaving or creams, waxing will remove the hair follicle too so it will take longer to grow back and it will come back finer. You can do it at home with a wax kit but since it is your first time, I really suggest that you go to a professional so you won't burn your skin.

I you want a more permanent solution you might want to consider laser hair removal. The doctor uses a special light (the laser) to make the hair follicle stop producing the hair. You are left with smooth hair free skin.
Before you do any of these procedures do your research. Find out the best professional in your area to do it, and make an appointment with them to ask question so make sure your choice is right for you and your needs.

Beauty question: "Im am very light complected and my cheeks get really red out of nowhere or when I get blemishes my skin gets really red I want to know what should I do. I also have so much trouble trying to find my color foundation I've tried so many and also the right blush color that wont exagerate or make me look like if I have so much makeup on?"- from Gina in Illinois.

Answer: If you seem to get very very red, you might want to check to see if you have a mild case of rosacea. Check with a dermatologist to be sure. If you have rosacea, they can tell you certain things to avoid to keep flare ups from occuring.

In the meantime, choice if your face is too red to choice the correct foundation then focus on picking your true shade by looking at your neck or chest. If those area of your body is more accurate, focus on that.

Start with a color correcting green primer like Smashbox Photo Finish Correcting Foundation Primer. The green will neutralize the red in your skin so your regular skin tone can be the focus.

If you want to still use a blush try using peaches or corals, like Stila Convertible color in Gerbera, to give you a softer glow instead of the really red look that you are already trying to tone down.

Come back next month to get more answers for your beauty questions!


One of my favorite things this month is a product that I just suggested in the beauty questions....the Stila Convertible Color. I really LOVE this product. I used to use is a long time ago and started using it again.

I love how it glides on the skin but it never feels greasy. The color is rich but sheer enough to look natural not masky and fake. You can also use it on lips and eyes! My favorite shade? As a makeup artist, you know I can't just pick one! My two favorites are Petunia and Poppy.

Ok...see everyone next month!

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