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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I LOVE my job.....even in the freezing cold snow! I got to work with VJ host Steven Smith from "Steven's Untitled Rock Show" of Fuse TV a couple of months ago with my assistant Keli Hearon. We had to go all the way to Cleveland to prepare Steven for his "Destination Untitled" show, but it was worth it.

We started the day early in the morning. I'm not sure if I was even totally awake.....but I faked it well. After I did Steven's makeup and hair he was set to brave the storm! Even with a little sleep in my eyes, I think I did a pretty good job! Ha ha!...happy dance!!

After admiring my handy work Steven threw on his goggles and braved the blizard like conditions like a man! a man in VW with heated seats that is!

Wanna see some behind the scenes video footage?!....of course you do. Ok....come on! Just click onto the images to see me making him look sexy for his "Good Morning Cleveland" track in the snow. Then see him "Behind The Wheel" as he drives off to his first tv interview of the day!

That was fun shoot but I'm glad it's warm now! LOL!!!

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: "Hi I'm a dark brown black woman in need of makeup advise. I'll be getting married this June, but I'm also in a wedding party this upcomingMay. Can you help me figure out what do with eye and lip color? My skin is combination so I suppose I need powder as well. I've always thought that my lips were too big to pull off reds and pinks so I basically live in brown glosses. (which I love) But I'm open to new suggestions please."- from Starlet in Conneticut.

Answer: People pay to have full lips, so embrace them!.... but not everyone loves what they have. So if you still feel that your lips are too big, then switch your glosses, which will make lips appear fuller, to more matte lip colors.

Even though you love browns, the new colors of the season are pink, lavendar, bronzes and champagne. If you aren't a woman of change but want to finally venture out of your comfort zone try using a pinkish brown to give yourself a new look without going too far from what you are used to.

To also tone down lips, put more focus on your eyes. Try using the new Bridal Face Palette by Bobbi Brown. Dust eye lids in soft shade of pink and give eyes contrast by adding brown to crease and outer corners of eyes. Add sparkle to the inner corners of eye with a shimmerry shade of lavendar. Finish the look with a bit of rosey blush and a few false lashes.

Beauty question: "Is Vaseline and cocoa butter good for a skin moisturizer? " from Tierra in Illinois .

Answer: Cocoa butter is a good but I prefer Shea butter as a moisturizers instead of Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline).

Shea Butter is from the nuts of the Karite Nut trees in Africa. It's properties help improve cell regeneration and capillary circulation. It not only moisturizes skin but they also contains vitamins to help promote healing.

It has natural anti-inflammatory agents and a minor sunscreen agent so it aids from the UV rays and is good for skin problems like sunburns, some rashes, small skin wounds, and eczema. The natural anti-elastase characteristics make it great for improving the signs of stretch marks.

Even though Petroleum jelly prevents the skin's moisture from evaporating, unlike Shea butter, it doesn't absorb into the skin so it shouldn't be used on open wounds. It's also bad for sunburns because it traps heat within the skin, worsening the burn.

Cocoa butter is also from a plant, the cacao bean. It has natural antioxidants and enhances the skintone by aiding in the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

So if you want a good moisturizer, with added benefits then use beauty products containing cocoa butter and shea butter to keep skin soft and skin tone even. A good lotion to try is Palmer's Cocoa butter moisturizer with Shea Butter.

Beauty question: "Since you see so many types of skin in your line of work, what type of skin care products (or line) do you recommend for reducing the look of large pores?"- from Andrea in Florida.

Answer: Most people with large pores have oily skin. If you have large pores you can make them appear smaller by the products that you use. There are many great skin care lines on the market to use. Some of my personal favorites are Lancome, Olay, LaMer, Clarins, RepÍchage and ProActive.

Pores are more noticable when oil glands are excessively active. By keeping skin clean, and properly hydrated.....yes...oily skin needs water can make pores appear smaller. When skin doesn't have the proper hydration it needs, it thinks it is drying out causing your body to protect itself by producing more oil. Using an oil-free moisturizer will give the skin the water balance it needs, helping to reduce the skin's need to produce additional oil.

Whiteheads and blackheads can also cause larger pores. Doing regular face masks and facial scrubs will also help keep pores free from blockage that lead to whiteheads and blackheads.

When applying makeup stay clear of foundations that have a "dewey" finish, which can appear to look "greasey" on skin with larger pores. Instead use foundations with a matte or velvette finish. Silicone based foundations, like Temptu S/B Makeup, are great because they have oil-absorbing factors.

For touch ups through out the day, opt for using blotting powders instead of tons and tons of powder. Too much powder can look cakey and by the end of the day skin can look thick like an orange peel.

Thanks for your beauty questions! Send me more by clicking onto the link.


Ok.....can we say luxurious?!! I am really loving the La Mer Body Serum. It feels like silk as it adds minerals to the skin and helps with the apperance of discoloration. I especially love it for the legs!

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