"Eyes are the window to the soul" so why not make them more eye-catchingly beautiful with great lashes to frame them.

Loosing a few eyelashes is a part of the normal growth cycle. Although new ones grow back every four to eight weeks,
there are many things that we do to damage our lashes without even realizing it. Here are some tips to help you make
the most of your lashes.
Take It Off

When cleansing your face, don't forget your eyelashes.
Eyelashes are made from hair, so they) have specific needs
different from your skin. Unlike most facial cleansers, many eye
makeup removers have special conditioners to help your lashes
to stay soft and pliable, while cleansing off mascara and eye

Mascara can make eyelashes stiff, so proper removal can help
ensure longer healthier lashes. Use caution, because scrubbing
to remove your mascara off will cause lashes to break off

Hold a cotton pad saturated with eye makeup remover on your
lashes for 5 seconds. Then With light pressure stroke pad in a
downward motion to remove makeup. Rubbing side to side,
causes friction that can cause delicate lashes to break. Then
repeat the same process on the underside of lashes, to make
sure both sides are free from daily makeup products.
Proper eye makeup removal not only keeps lashes clean and healthy, it also removes any buildup from blocked hair
follicles, so lashes can grow long and strong.

Maybelline Expert Eyes Eye Makeup Remover has formulas to take off regular and waterproof mascara with ease.
Curly Top

Eyelash curlers are great tools if used properly. They can make your lashes look thicker and fuller by curling and giving
them lift, making them more noticeable.

When using an eyelash curler, start at the base of the lashes, gently squeezing several times to begin curling. Next,
move the curler mid-way up lashes and curl again. Keep repeating this process while gently moving up the lashes,
making sure not to tug. This will give your lashes a smooth fuller curl, eliminating any sharp 90 degree angles.

Lashes can become stiff and less pliable after being coated with mascara, so it is important to curl lashes BEFORE
applying it or mascara can cause lashes to snap off.

Try Wet 'N Wild's eyelash curler. It is small and convenient to carry in your makeup bag, with a rounded applicator to
make lashes curl instead of creating sharp upward angles.
Faking it

Sometimes you want an extra punch to make eyes stand out even
more, so why not try some fake eyelashes. Ardell has various
lengths, shades and styles to choose from.

To get a perfect fit, place false lashes at lash line to make sure
they are the correct length. If they are too long, use cuticle
scissors to trim them to the correct length.

To apply the lashes, put a thin line of eyelash glue on the lash
band and wait until the glue becomes tacky before applying it. By
starting at the outer corner of the eye, attach the false lashes as
close to your natural lash line as possible. Gently press false
lashes to lash line, to give it extra "staying power". After applying
lashes, wait for the glue to completely dry before closing eye
tightly shut.

For a change of pace, try applying false lashes only at the outer
corners of the eyes. This will give the lashes an exotic sexier look.

To make false lashes look more realistic, after application is dry
and complete, lightly curl lashes . This will cause your real lashes
to curl into the false ones, giving the appearance of a more
natural lash. Only squeeze the curler a couple time, so you won't
loosen the hold of the adhesive and pull the false lashes free.
Swept Away

Most people use mascara to give their lashes lush fullness and length.
There are many formulas to choose from to achieve the look you want.
Different application techniques can achieve various results as well.

When applying mascara, try not to "pump" your wand in and out of the
tub. This causes your mascara to dry out quicker instead of getting
more product onto the wand.

Slightly wiggling the wand from side to side at the base of the lashes,
and then sweeping evenly up the lashes will make lashes look thicker
at the base and crisper on the ends.

For thicker lashes throughout, stroke wand from side to side at the
ends of the lashes before sweeping it evenly onto them from base to tip.

Following these tips and techniques will help you get the strong and
beautiful lashes of your dreams.
"Everyone makes
mistakes. Use the
Neutrogena Makeup
Correcting stick to
correct mascara
(use pic: lashes1)"Use
makeup removers and
tools that are formulated
for the eyes instead of
Petroleum jelly, which
can block hair follicles
and tear ducts."