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Candace Corey

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This month is the Spring/Summer issue of Brides Noir magazine. As the beauty director it is my job to make sure the look of the makeup is up to date with the latest colors but can be translated to brides as well.

The colors for Spring this season is yellow, soft purple (lavendar), greenish-blue (teal) and tan. The theme of the issue is DRAMA and our model Megan Lewis was the perfect person to created the look we needed with style.

To create her look I used purple in a dramatic way for the eyes. I started with a soft lavendar on the lid and contoured in the crease with a deeper shade of purple. Then I used a charcoal liner close at her lashes for the top and bottom. First appling a thin line and then smudging the liner by topping it with a powder purple eye shadow to soften it.

She has full lips and high cheekbones so it would be easy to add more drama by using a bright color on them, but instead the cheek and lips were kept soft and understated with a soft peach. To keep her lips looking moist without being glossy I applied the color with my finger by lightly patting to keep the shine to a minimum. This kept the look very sophisticated.

For added effect the hair was full with a lot of curls. Since her hair was naturally curly it was first moisturized with a styling creme to hydrate the hair and them lifted to the fullness that we wanted. The hair was finished with hair spray and sheen.

I just love DRAMA!
words by Candace Corey
Brides Noir Beauty Director

Beauty Questions

Beauty question: " Hi Candace I wanted to know what is the best nude lipstick - Gloss and lip liner -color for a ivory skin, I cant find one that looks good."- from Ana in California.

Answer: Finding a nude lip color can seem like a hard task but if you look for the right color base, it will help narrow your search. I feel that there are 2 types of nude lip color....a beige-brown nude or a pinkie-brown nude.

Since you are very pale, you probably have a lot of pink in your skin so beige-brown nudes can appear muddy but a pinkie-brown nude lip color will look more natural for you.

Most stores do not have testers for drug-store brand cosmetics but Ulta does. They have testers for their Ulta brand, drug-store brand and department store brands. Make sure you get a free Ulta membership card to get points for free beauty products.

Avoid putting "used" tester products on your mouth, by bringing a bottle of your foundation with you to the store. Rub an even amount of foundation on the back of your hand to ensure that the color on your hand will match the color on your face. Then apply test samples on the back of your hand so you can choose you lip colors accurately. Once you have the lip color that you want, just pick the matching lip pencil and clear gloss. Ulta brand products have great colors and don't put a dent in your wallet.


I know I already mentioned this ProSilk Far Infared blow dryer on the video segment, but I was REALLY impressed by it.
I like how the technology helps with more than just the hair cuticle, but with the hair follicle and scalp as well. Since the follicle and the scalp is where hair begins.....that is a major break through. So this was my favorite thing this month.