Wanna hear a secret? Technically this isn’t my secret, well not all mine, a lot of makeup artists know this too. Well, here it goes.

My name is Candace Corey. I’m a makeup artist. I’m addicted to brushes. Not just any brush. A good brush.

It’s my kryptonite.

But that’s not the secret.

That was just for effect.

I had to catch your attention right?

The secret is that a good makeup brush doesn’t have to be expensive.

So today I’m going to talk about the Sonia Kushak brushes. They are so….

Excuse me?

What did you say?

How is that a secret? What do you mean, how is that a secret? Don’t act like you already knew that. You probably don’t even wash your brushes.

Go to a sink and start cleaning those filthy things of yours, that you haven’t washed in months and let me tell you a thing or two about what we look for in a brush.

To a pro, makeup brushes are not about price. Actually some of the brushes we have in our kits are from paint and craft stores. It’s about size, hair, density, weight (yes weight smarty pants) and durability.

Size: I know you’ve probably heard us makeup artists say we don’t have a magic wand but truthfully our brushes can create magic on a face. So size matters.

Sometimes size is about how big or small the brush is, and other times it’s more about length.

A big brush can be great for applying makeup to the body. And, a tiny brush is perfect when you need to apply additional glue on a lifted lash without disturbing the rest of the face.

Length of bristles and even the brush handle can make it easier to apply more or less product to the face.

There have been many times when someone that I’m working on, wanted to look like their skin was actually glowing without looking like a disco ball. So I’d use a long haired brush with a long handle so I could sweep highlighter ever so gently across the peaks of the face to give them a I woke up like this youthful glow that was undetected and natural looking.

But, there has also been times when people sit in my chair after doing their own makeup because “they know what they’re doing, but just want a quick touch up” (can you hear my eyes rolling?) and I need scrub down those Snicker bars they are trying to call contour on the sides of their face. So I grab a shorter haired brush, sometimes even a shorter handle, so I can whittle away at the 17 layers of product they’ve applied.

That leads us into density and hair.

Hair and Density:
The type of hair and how dense it is, or isn’t, also plays a major roll in brushes. If I need to do a lot of buffing, I’ll also need a lot of hair to make the job easier. You know when you start holding the hairs of your brushes together so it can blend better? That’s because you’re trying to make it more dense.

Sometimes you need a lot of hairs in your brush, (like a contour brush) sometimes you don’t.

Other times, the type of hair can make the biggest impact. If you’ve ever grabbed a natural haired brush to apply liquid foundation you probably thought you totally ruined it. What you needed was a synthetic brush. And you need to do what I said earlier, and get back to washing your brushes!

Just like density, different hair types can make an application easier as well as seamless. And trust me, there are many types of hair, both natural and man-made; sable, badger, squirrel, nylon, taklon and others.

Weight and Durability: Pros use brushes almost daily, so weight can be simular to the bowl of porridge in Goldilocks from the Three Bears. It needs to be just right.

At times, you want to have a heavier weight so the brush feels solid in your hand during a foundation application. But, sometimes you need something lighter to apply a pin sized stream of liquid liner at the base of a false lash to hide the band.

Durability is a no brainer. You want your tools to last. No matter the cost.

I’m sure there are tons of other elements I’m over looking to mention about brush 101, but this post was actually about the Sonia Kashuk brushes.

The makeup brushes in the photo are from the 10 piece Holiday Set and 4 piece Holiday set. I’ve used brushes from the Sonia collections for years. So have other pro makeup artists. These sets are limited edition but they are very affordable so I’d snatch up several sets if I were you.

They feel so soft on the skin, and are very easy to blend with.

And the black, white and gold detailing, like the snakes on the handle, is gorgeous!

What? I know. I know. I’m talking about how it looks.

I may be a makeup artist, but I’m not all business. I like things that are pretty too 😘

Just be sure to dry your brushes properly, now that they’re all clean.

Oh! You realize you don’t know everything and you want my advice on properly drying your brushes?

Too bad.

You got on my nerves.

Catch you on my next post.

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