It’s day 2 of my “30 Days of Beauty” series and I want to talk about one of my favorite ingredients, oil!

I know when you saw the title, you were probably thinking that I was going to talk about some oil-free products but, it’s actually the opposite.

I love to use oils with my facial moisturizer, on my hair, on my body and even as a pre-cleansing routine for my face.


The LaMer Cleansing Oil contain marine oils to nourish skin as you cleanse.

It’s great to use for all skin types. It’s especially soothing for dry parched skin. Since it isn’t stripping, the cleanser leaves oily complexions feeling normal instead creating surface dehydration.

If your looking for a new cleanser to use, I think you’ll like this one.

Have you’ve ever used a cleansing oil before?

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