Diptyque 3 Soap Holiday Coffret

For the month of December, I’m going to do an on-going article called “30 Days of Beauty” – just like you see in this title.

Every day, I’ll share one product (or set) that I’ve been either using, starting to use, loving as a great value or wanting to try.

Some of the products, not all of them, I’ll offer as a giveaway so one of you can try it too. Yep! Giving them away! How do you know when I’ll do the giveaways? By checking my posts every day.

The great thing about the giveaway is that you aren’t limited to only signing up for one. You can participate in each giveaway that I have….and hopefully win a couple of goodies.

I know what your thinking…there are 31 days in December, so why only 30 days of beauty? I’ll announce all of the winners on the last day of December. Kind of like a beauty giveaway countdown.

What’s the first product I’m going to feature? Soap! Stop laughing. It’s not just any ol’ soap. It’s the ,3 Soap Coffret from the fragrance experts at Diptyque.

I know, I know! Diptyque can be a bit pricey. But, you know what? Every once in a while it’s time to say “I’m worth it!”

One of my goals this year is to set aside more time for myself. It can be easy to overlook yourself when you have a crazy, busy life like mine. I’m a wife, mother and beauty professional that travels constantly. So, sometimes the little things, like scented soap, can make all the difference.

I’ve known about Diptyque for years but, I’ve only tried spritzes of it on my wrist when I was in Nordstrom. So it was due time that I brought some home with me!

So the last time I was in Atlanta, Trisha Cornett, from the Diptyque boutique on Bolling Way, put together a lovely package for me that was beautifully wrapped in gold and black, and delivered it to my hotel.

Each soap in the set has a different fragrance, that are all made with a plant-based formula that is enriched with sweet almond oil and glycerin to moisturize your skin.

I can’t wait to start using them!

That’s my pick for today. What are some of your favorite scented soaps?

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