April 30, 2018

Today is the last day of April. Soon everyone will be thinking about the royal wedding on May 19th. I wish them all of the best for
their union, but I can't help to think about my own

Last month was my silver anniversary, of 25 years of marriage. To make it memorable, I surprised my husband by throwing him a  3
Day weekend of entertaining with friends and family.


On DAY 1 - I started the weekend  at the Marriott Courtyard. I wanted to create the perfect
ambiance by having my room smell like a fresh Spring meadow, so I grabbed a few bottles
of the  Febreeze One. Since they don't contain dyes or heavy perfumes and they are
specifically designed to gently clean away odors from the air and fabrics, I didn't think the
hotel would mind me giving the sofa and chairs in my hotel room a spritz.

Febreeze One comes in 3 scents, mandrin, bamboo and orchid. I used the bamboo
on the upholstery and throw pillows, but for the air I went with the mandarin. It was a great
start to all of the festivities.
These are some of the day to day events that happen to me as a professional makeup artist.

CANDACE COREY            Makeup Artist - Hair - Bodypaint - Airbrush


Some dear friends came from Texas to enjoy our special celebration, so we
spent DAY 2 at the Aquarium.

Looking your best shows others that they are worth the effort. So I like to
choose outfits that are comfortable and fashionable  but affordable so I can
get more for my money.

Here are a few
fashion options I like from JCPenney.

For my 10 HANDBAGS that I liked go
TIP: The drink in this image is garnished with rose petals. If you decide to
do that too,  but be sure to use organic flowers that don't contain
pesticides but are thoroughly bug free. I like to rinse them with apple
cider vinegar.

After the mood was set it was time to bring out a few goodies to eat and drink.
I brought some chocolate covered Oreos and pretzels that I made at home, coupled
with fresh strawberries. I displayed all of it in a silver box to make it look like a luxury

If you want to see how I created them, step by step, let me know below and I'll include a

For drinks I had a bottle of sparkling Grape Juice and Patron vodka.

Here are a few other options of cocktails that are great during the Spring using Nolet's
gin and

I wish I had premixed some cocktails. One that comes to mind is the Rose Gimlet,

2 bags of Ghirardelli Semi Sweet chocolates
1 package of Mint Oreos
1 package of Red Velvet Oreos
1 package of regular Oreos
1 bag of big pretzels
Sprinkles for decoration
Wilson's white Candy Melts

         Melt Ghirardelli then dip pretzels
half way into chocolate
and place on a cookie sheet
covered in wax paper. In a
piping bag, drizzle Wilson's white
Candy Melts over chocolate pretzels
to create an edible design.

For the oreos

Place mini silver forks in the center
of the cookies as handles.
While holding the fork, dip cookies
into Ghirardelli and set on
wax covered cookie sheet.
Immediately apply sprinkles before
chocolate can harden.

I put the treats in a silver box
lined with alluminum foil, which
I got at the Dollar Store!